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Dave_JorgensenBorn in Utah in 1939, David Jorgensen has always lived in the Beehive State except for time he spent in the U.S. Army in Texas.  He earned a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah.  He then used his knowledge to enter the business world first with his father and later to build his own successful company, Bedrock Quartz Surfaces.  Bedrock specializes in fabrication and installation of granite and quartz countertops, fireplaces and bathroom fixtures.  A third generation family enterprise, the company operates in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, and Idaho. 

Dave joined the Society in 1965 and in 1969, he left the business world to serve for eight years as a John Birch Society Coordinator in Utah.  He is one of a very few men who have ever been appointed to the JBS National Council after having served as a field Coordinator.

As one of his varied efforts to alert fellow Americans, Dave has, since 1989, chaired the semi-annual meeting of the Newquist Group in Salt Lake City.  At these gatherings named after Jerreld Newquist, author of the widely celebrated book Prophets, Principles and National Survival, concerned patriots have heard important messages from an array of patriotic authorities that has always included leaders of the John Birch Society.

Married in 1968 to Laurel Cook (who had joined the Society in 1967), the Jorgensens are proudly grateful for their six sons, two daughters, and 15 grandchildren - with more to come. Blessed with principled children, Dave and Laurel believe it is increasingly obvious that if we do not teach our children our values, someone else will teach them theirs.

A determined patriot, Dave laments the lack of knowledge about our nation’s unique roots among fellow citizens and, even more, about America’s enemies who seek to destroy our nation.   He is determined to continue his many efforts to spread the JBS message of hope to fellow Americans.

Martin Ohlson currently assists the Society in the area of development. He has been in development for various businesses and held key senior positions. He has over 20 years experience successfully building strategic relationships with volunteers, leaders, business owners and professionals.

For five years he managed and trained associates in an eleven state region planning and coordinating cultivation of new and current clients. Another assignment was to develop, assist and lend expertise to high-end giving efforts in a twenty state region, the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

In recent years he served as Vice-President for America National Network and later as Vice President for Accu-Counter Technologies. As a member of the Commercial Association of Realtors, he was involved in the disposition and acquisition of industrial and commercial properties.

He was involved in the JBS at an early age when his parents joined in 1964. He served honorably in the United States Marine Corp and subsequently received training for his business pursuits. He and his wife Sheila married in 1980 and have eight children.

Julie’s affiliation with The John Birch Society started in July of 1996, when she applied for a position at the Headquarters office in Appleton, WI. She was impressed with the passion that her interviewers had for the mission of the organization.

Always a conservative, Julie began to learn very quickly about the perils facing our Republic – mostly through the abuses of our own federal government! After four years of study on the conspiracy, Julie became the first member of the new millennium, becoming a member of the Society on January 2, 2000. Julie has been working closely with CEO Arthur R. Thompson as his Executive Assistant, ever since Mr. Thompson was appointed to that position by the JBS Board of Directors in October of 2005. Before taking on that assignment, she worked in the Membership department, served as the Director of Field Support, and also ran the Speakers Bureau.


William H. Blewster first saw the light of day in Houston, Texas, in 1939. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Texas A&M University in 1962. After graduation, Bill entered the U.S. Navy’s flight training program. Commissioned as an Ensign and awarded his wings as a Navy Flight Officer, he specialized in navigation and air intelligence. Deployments took him to Alaska and Japan from his home base at Whidbey Island, Washington. He left active service in 1965 with the rank of full Lieutenant.

The Blewster family settled for a time in Houston, and Bill began his life’s work in the insurance industry. In 1972, the family relocated to Phoenix, where Bill’s expertise in his field won him promotion to president of an insurance company that was later sold to a large international brokerage firm. In 1985, he launched his own Blewster Insurance Services, Inc., providing a wide array of coverage but specializing in commercial insurance. He accepted appointment to the Council in 2003. From their home in Mesa, Arizona, Bill and his wife, Barbara, a former Arizona state representative, continue as JBS activists.

Thomas D. Sellers was born in Detroit in 1933 and has always called Michigan his home. In 1956, he earned bachelor’s degrees in business administration and art history from Albion College in nearby Albion, Michigan.

Upon graduation, Tom spent three years honing his business skills as an employee of the Burroughs Corporation. He teamed up with his father in 1959 at the Dean Sellers Ford agency. In 1970, he purchased the firm outright and eventually moved it to a new location in Troy, Michigan, where it has become a highly respected industry leader. Under his leadership, the firm has grown to be the largest Ford dealership in the state of Michigan.

Tom has long worked to build a better appreciation of the importance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and to educate Americans about their true meaning. He has also been active in a variety of civic affairs, especially the Troy Rotary Club.

He became a member of The John Birch Society in 1977 and accepted appointment to the JBS Council in 1985. He and his wife, Nona, reside in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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