National Council

The National Council of the John Birch Soociety is made up of distinguished members of our Society. They serve to show the caliber of membership, give advice to the CEO, and name his successor.


Mr. Arthur R. Thompson
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. John F. McManus

Mr. Clark L. Curry
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Lloyd W. Bailey

Mr. Robert K Bell

Mr. William H. Blewster

Mr. Ronald A. Britton

Mr. Ray Clark

Mr. Arthur Crino

Mr. Andy Dlinn

Mr. Donald R. Griffin

Dr. Robert Henderson

Mr. David B. Jorgensen

Hon. Sterling E. Lacy

Dr. Paul Leithart

Mr. Darr Moon

Mr. Robert M. Owens

Mrs. Deborah Pauly

Mr. Jess D. Roques

Mr. F. Ward Rowley

Mr. Glenn J. Schmitz

Mr. Thomas D. Sellers

Lt. Col. George B. Wallace

Mr. Hillard W. Welch

Dr. Duke Pesta

Mr. Arthur R. Thompson,Chief Executive Officer

Mr. John F. McManus,President

Martin Ohlson, Vice President

James F. Fitzgerald,National Director-Field Activities

Julie Smith, Director of Operations

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