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Campus Liberty Alliance August 2010

As the Tea Party movement sweeps through the country, the fight to combat the liberalism on our nation’s colleges is far from over. As a current student at Seton Hall University, in South Orange, New Jersey, I can testify to that effect and for the need for action on campus.

In the Spring of 2009, while condemning Communism in my “Comparative Foreign Policy” class, the professor said to me, “You sound like Joe McCarthy!” I took it as a compliment and thanked him, to his dismay, announcing that Senator Joseph McCarthy was my hero. McCarthy wasn’t my only hero; I was also a big fan of Ron Paul.

After the 2008 election, I wanted to continue spreading the message of liberty. I had watched John McManus’ speech from the Ron Paul convention on C-SPAN, so I decided to visit the JBS website.

My first impression was: “Wow, it’s like they took all of Ron Paul’s ideas and positions and made an organization.” I began reading their literature and watching old Robert Welch videos online. I then called up and met Kip Webster, JBS Field Coordinator for the New Jersey/New York area; I became a JBS member immediately.

After a year of involvement, interviewing John McManus for my campus paper, going to CPAC, and attending the Council Dinner in New Jersey, I wanted to do more and I learned about Campus Liberty Alliance. I asked for an internship and once it was all settled I left New York City for Appleton, Wisconsin.

As an intern with the John Birch Society, I have been working with Sam Antonio, the distinguished CLA National Coordinator, to help build CLA from the ground up. Within my first two weeks here, the Club Constitution and membership brochure have been completed. On the CLA Facebook page, new content is being posted daily including notes honoring American Heroes, such as Senator Joseph McCarthy, Lieutenant General “Chesty” Puller, and President Calvin Coolidge. Additional projects on the agenda include designing the official website.

The work here has been great but the real success will come at the start of the upcoming school year with the Fall Offensive campaign to organize CLA chapters across the nation’s colleges.

If you are a college student and also like Joe McCarthy and Ron Paul and want to combat the socialist progressivism at your school, then I encourage you to join CLA and start a chapter on your campus. Invite your friends and other likeminded souls to spread the message of freedom and restore the Constitution as the centerpiece of our government and college education.

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