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Campus Liberty Alliance - December 2010

Giving the Gift of Liberty

by Sam Antonio, CLA National Coordinator

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”                                                         — 2 Corinthians 3:17

Celebrating the birth of the Savior is a special time for Americans. It is a special time to spend with family, to give to others, and to reflect on the liberties we as Americans enjoy.

The future of America and The John Birch Society belongs to the youth. In this season of giving, the best gift one can give is the gift of liberty and we can do that by helping build Campus Liberty Alliance. As Robert Welch once stated, “Truth in the hands and minds of youth becomes a doubly powerful weapon.”

We have now relaunched the new CLA website at This will be the portal for future dynamic leadership. Throughout 2011 we will have the website populated with blog posts that will provide fresh insight, original and compelling video content, and exciting updates from CLA chapters across the country.

We also have some exciting tools where we can share the liberty message. For mass distribution we have pass-along cards and slim jims. Use these tools on college campuses and off campus at fair booths, recruiting presentations, speech events, etc. These simple tools will excite individuals to experience the active liberty community at CLA’s social media sites.
Our new CLA recruiting brochure provides the who, what and why for prospective students. With its eye-catching design and creative format it should prove to be popular with college students.

All this leads to the building block of CLA: our individual college and high school chapters. Help the youth liberty movement by starting a CLA chapter. You can start a CLA chapter by:
(1) Having a minimum of three dues-paying members (CLA membership is $10/year);
(2) A permanent chapter mailing address;
(3) A faculty advisor (this may vary with your school); and
(4) Official school recognition (requirements may vary).

By forming a CLA chapter on your campus, you will have many opportunities that would otherwise not be at your disposal. For example, as an officially recognized CLA chapter on your campus you can access campus resources and facilities such as classrooms, auditorium, lecture halls, and main quad for speeches and/or other presentations. As an officially recognized CLA Club chapter, your campus will likely reserve a permanent meeting room for your club. Some campuses even give its clubs a financial stipend, which can be of a great help to purchase materials or pay for speakers to come and speak, such as those from the JBS Speakers Bureau.

As the campus affiliate of The John Birch Society you will have extensive access to DVDs, books, magazines and reprints. The John Birch Society has been in the freedom fight for over 50 years and its campus affiliate, CLA, will bring that same proven success to your campus.

If you would like to start a chapter on your college campus or in your community please contact me at 1-877-472-CLA1 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

I want to wish all the faithful members a very wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Onward and upward to 2011!

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