Christian Gomez

Christian Gomez

In 1955, the most significant book about American education, Why Johnny Can't Read, by Rudolf Flesch, was published and caused quite a stir, rankling the entire education establishment. Now under the auspices of the federal government's Department of Education, education is no more better then it was back in 1955 — in fact it has worsened with students garnering lower test scores and the dumbing down of the curriculum, distorting truth and omitting key history.

In the following interview with Art Thompson, CEO of The John Birch Society, he offers and lays out The John Birch Society’s policies and positions on an array of issues that affect the national economy.

Free banking or central banking? Hard money or fiat money? These questions of monetary policy have been part of the national debate since the founding of the country, fortunately however, there always emerged those, such as Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland, to restore a sound money policy of gold and silver as legal tender and no central bank.

In 1787, following the secretive deliberations at the Constitutional Convention, a local Philadelphia resident Mrs. Powel asked Benjamin Franklin what sort of government had been drafted. Franklin looked at her and resolutely responded, "A republic, if you can keep it." Eroded by neglect and attacked by those deliberately seeking to usurp it, our ability to keep the Republic has become more and more vulnerable.

Overlooked and disregarded in the modern age of high definition flat screen televisions, video games, smart phones, and instant live streaming, the signing of the U.S. Constitution is no more revered than the formation of the American Professional Football Association, a precursor of the National Football League, on September 17, 1920, exactly 133 years after the signing of the Constitution.

In an exchange on Fox News, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity discussed conspiracy theories about the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and the G20 Long Summit, and sounded as if they were almost ready to believe them, but is there any truth to these theories?

During presidential campaigns, candidates have constantly promised Americans “change,” from Dwight Eisenhower's "Mandate for Change" to Barack Obama's "Change We Can Believe In." Such promises are not new to the voting public as one will see when closely examining the forces at play such as the Trilateral Commission and principally the Council on Foreign Relations.

How do we fight back against the United Nations' Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development in our local community? Here are some solutions.

One of the strategies to implement Agenda 21 is through the development of NGOs (non-governmental organizations). One such NGO, set up by the United Nations, is the ‘International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’ (ICLEI), whose members include over 1200 local communities around the world – 130 of which are located in the State of California alone...

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