Larry Greenley

Larry Greenley

Observe UN Day, October 24, by working to Get US out! of the United Nations.

Thirty-seven senators oppose consideration of treaties during the lame-duck session.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for October 15-21, 2012.

See how your congressmen voted in the fourth Freedom Index for the 112th Congress.

The National Archives displayed publicly today the "fifth page" of the Constitution. Today the National Archives publicly displayed for the first time the "fifth page" (transmittal page) of the Constitution in conjunction with the celebration of the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution on Monday, September 17.

 For the next six months or so, the best strategy for stopping ObamaCare is nullification. As Art Thompson discussed in the Foreword to the September 2012 JBS Bulletin, we are asking JBS members and our allies to reinvigorate our Stop ObamaCare campaign in their local areas in order to educate their neighbors and opinion molders, and then activate them into local groups to help stop any form of government healthcare.

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