The move toward a North American Union received another big boost last week as President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper gathered in Washington D.C. to hammer out a deal on creating a common “perimeter” around the two countries while diminishing the role of the nations’ shared border and developing a biometric system to track North Americans.
Regional arrangements such as the EU and the proposed FTAA supposedly promote free trade, but their real purpose is to gradually merge nations into a world government.
When voters are dissatisfied en masse with Congressmen, calls begin to be heard for term limits, but that may make the situation worse, particularly if a constitutional convention is called for the stated purpose.
At Tea Party rallies, there are often signs advocating term limits and throwing the bums out, but term limits will likely exacerbate an already bad situation.
Twenty years ago, when anyone talked about an agenda that would ultimately lead to a global government, people scoffed at the possibility, ascribing it as a “conspiracy theory,” yet many more people accept this as fact every day, including Glenn Beck.
Backed by French and United Nations military forces along with the approval of President Barack Obama, Muslim militias loyal to opposition leader Alassane Ouattara are on a rampage in the Ivory Coast that according to news reports and officials has left over a thousand Christians dead so far in an effort to oust current President Laurent Gbagbo
With the US-NATO  war underway in Libya, many wonder how America got involved in this conflict, realizing not that this is just the latest in a series of United Nation's authorized police actions with little or, as in this case, no Constitutionally mandated Declaration of War by Congress.
As a result of the Supreme Court's elastic interpretation of the Constitution in order to empower the federal government, states are now moving to take power back from the feds through a growing and vibrant nullification movement.
Commencing in Oklahoma, the Tenth Amendment Movement has swept through the country in the past few years assuring that the Federal government abides by the Constitution and respects the sovereignty of the States.
Incorporated in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, the Right to Bear Arms is an essential component to the preservation of the Republic and the survival of liberty. Without a firm understanding in the principles of the Constitution efforts to combat the Leftest assault on personal liberty will be futile.
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