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Destroying America’s Culture


altThe following article originally appeared in the October 2, 1995 issue of The Birch Log. Its message is even more timely today than when it was first written 15 years ago.

Our nation is in the midst of an ongoing revolution in which leaders allow and even promote the casting adrift of the values, traditions, and behavior that have fostered America's greatness. Many of those who should be protecting our nation's cultural heritage are insidiously working to destroy it. One of the means being used to carry out this sinister business is uncontrolled immigration.

Some of the destroyers are motivated by a selfish ambition for personal power with no concern for the next generation — or even for their own progeny. But others give evidence of being stimulated by a determination to destroy our Western civilization and build in its place a new world order in which the human race will kneel before them.
Foundations Under Attack
Borrowing from the best of European thought and experience, the Founders of America created a country built on the twin foundations of government limited by law and people limited by the freely accepted codes contained in the Ten Commandments. If government wasn't limited, our Founders believed, it would become tyrannical. And if people wouldn't limit themselves, they would end up inviting a tyrannical ruler. So the United States of America was launched by a deeply religious people and a history-making Constitution.
For much of the 20th century, however, insidious attacks on the religious base of our nation have come in a flood. Supreme Court decisions, laws, entertainment, even religious institutions that have abandoned traditional morality for the "social gospel," have chipped away at our self-rule. As a result, many Americans have exhibited the classic trait of an ungoverned populace: They turn for leadership to, as Cicero once said, "someone bold and unscrupulous ... who curries favor with the people by giving them other men's property."
In other words, people who abandon self-rule look to government to plunder their fellow citizens. And despicable leaders who recognize and stimulate this criminal tendency are only too glad to worsen the slide. They actually legalize crime. After all, one's path to personal power becomes a downhill saunter when the masses insist on more and larger government.
Current Manifestations
While America's culture is under attack from many quarters, we point here only to the immigration problem and its related consequences. The U.S. Constitution grants Congress power "to repel invasions." But in recent years America has been invaded by countless hordes of illegal aliens who are being used by a revolutionary political movement to restructure everything about America. Congress has done nothing to stop it and has instead worsened the problem with amnesties for illegal entrants and with a growing assortment of wealth-redistribution schemes for these aliens and others. In addition, court decisions — which could be and should be challenged by Congress — have made a mockery of the once-revered privilege of U.S. citizenship.
In 1993, the U.S. Congress passed and President Clinton eagerly signed into law what is euphemistically known as the "motor-voter law." It forces state officials to register as a voter anyone who has an easily obtainable driver's license, or who seeks to be registered at a welfare agency or through the mail. This law explicitly discourages verification of American citizenship by barring "any requirement for notarization or other formal authentication" of an applicant's status. The result has been an open door to multiple registration, fraudulent voting, and easily manipulated bloc voting.
The U.S. Constitution — to which the President and all members of Congress are by oath solemnly committed — clearly reserves to the states the authority to establish voter qualifications. One qualification which most Americans believe still applies is that all voters must be citizens. But now, non-citizen and bloc voting have the potential to dominate — by fraudulent means — several states, and even the federal government itself.
Unscrupulous leaders are using swarms of illegal aliens and relaxed immigration laws to change this nation. Millions are lured here by easy access to welfare, medical care, education, housing, and other government benefits (none of which the federal government has any constitutional authority to provide). Little but talk is offered by federal officials to stop the flood of illegal immigrants, while still-remaining barriers to completely open borders are ignored.
Those who lately arrive here — and, sad to say, many others who are born here — have no appreciation of the fundamentally important need to limit government power and to govern themselves. They have been captured by a false philosophy holding that government has a duty to take care of them. Such a philosophy ultimately leads to the undoing of a civilization.
Then and Now
In years past, those who came here assimilated into American ways. Retaining some proper love of their heritage, they proudly and speedily sought to become known as "Americans" first and foremost. Today, venal politicians have arranged to have special groups become more important than individuals or the founding principles of our nation. As a result, a huge percentage of the population prefers a hyphenated name, not the simple and once-revered name "American."
America was made great through self-reliant people and strictly limited government, not through uncontrolled government and politically manipulated hordes who have become wards of the state. Anyone who ignores our unique national heritage or works to undo it is unworthy of the lofty title "American." Real Americans demand better leadership at all levels.

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