The JBS Agenda

By:  Bill Hahn
The JBS Agenda

JBS CEO Arthur Thompson wrote an overview of the JBS Agenda in the January JBS Bulletin.

Dues-paying members of The John Birch Society will be noticing even more exciting changes to The JBS Bulletin. JBS CEO Arthur Thompson wrote the entire January 2012 Bulletin (requires log-in at by dues-paying members to download this PDF) in such a style that encompasses every area of the Society’s Agenda. Categorized into ten subjects, the comprehensive presentation of the Agenda in the January 2012 Bulletin will be a useful reference for members for the next couple years.

Starting with the February 2012 issue, we will be following the format of the January issue and writing only on the Agenda categories that have worthy updates. The Bulletin serves as a planning tool that Chapters can use to decide their activities for the month. Members are strongly encouraged to read the Bulletin before their monthly Chapter meeting. Chapter Leaders should refrain from reading the Bulletin at their Chapter meetings, rather they should have a discussion regarding the Agenda activities the Chapter can undertake to help accomplish the monthly goals.

Even if an Agenda item is not updated for the month, please do not think that it is any less important. Again, only those Agenda items that have updates worth noting will be listed.

Mr. Thompson has once again written the entire Bulletin for February to solidify the new Agenda format. He focuses on Recruiting, Agenda 21, North American Union, Constitution, Support Your Local Police, Movement to Restore Decency (MOTOREDE), Pending Legislation, American Opinion Foundation, and The New American.

Beginning in March, staff will once again write the bulk of the Bulletin in their assigned Agenda categories. The new format is being welcomed by many Chapters who have commented favorably on it.

In his monthly Foreword to the February Bulletin, Mr. Thompson discusses the solutions put forth by politicians largely as failures because of their inability to “consider the reality of the situation.” He delves into an example of this: calling for amendments to the Constitution. Here’s what dues-paying members can expect from Mr. Thompson’s article:

When it comes to amendments to the Constitution as a supposed solution, the logical question has to be that if those already in power don’t pay any attention to the Constitution and its existing amendments, what makes anyone think that they will pay attention to any new amendment — unless that amendment was exactly what the powers-that-be wanted in the first place?

In other words, have political leaders created a problem so they can claim to be solving it with a solution that changes the Constitution in a manner they really desire but fail to admit? Let us assume for the moment that this isn’t what we face as a nation today.

The argument could be that in the heat of the moment leading to a new amendment being approved that Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court may honor its provisions for a time. But there are very important amendments that one would think would be honored because they have been featured in schools even more than the main body of the Constitution itself. I refer to the Bill of Rights. You would think that our leaders would strictly honor and abide by these ten amendments. But they don’t.

For instance, does the government obey the First Amendment that says the federal government shall not interfere with the practice of religion? What about free speech at an airport or anywhere else the Transportation Security Administration holds sway?

What about the Second Amendment? Hasn’t it been eroded nearly beyond recognition? It says that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed – but it is constantly under attack and barely recognizable when all the permits, restrictions and other bureaucratic controls are added up.

The Fourth Amendment is ignored every minute whenever an airport opens for business and the TSA starts searching all travelers without “warrant and due process.” The provisions of the Fifth Amendment are likewise ignored. What should be of interest to all Americans is that some of the same congressmen who want new amendments are also those who approved the Patriot Act that trashes the Bill of Rights.

If the Ninth and Tenth Amendments were honored, both the size and cost of government would be reduced dramatically.

We need not continue because we expect that you get the point.

The solution to the above problems is an informed electorate savvy enough to force leaders to adhere to the Constitution, which is supposed to be “the supreme law of the land.”

Throughout the rest of his Foreword, Mr. Thompson also offers some history of voting and insight into the presidential campaigns before undertaking the rest of the Bulletin via the new Agenda format.

If you’re not a member and interested in learning more, including receiving the monthly JBS Bulletin, consider joining today! JBS has the insight and game plan necessary for the long-term prosperity of American citizens. It begins with less government, more responsibility, and—with God’s help—it leads us to a better world.

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