Freedom, Prosperity Threatened in Chile With Election of Socialist

By:  Alex Newman
Freedom, Prosperity Threatened in Chile With Election of Socialist

After securing the greatest number of votes in the first round of Chile’s presidential election last month with strong support from the Communist Party, self-styled “Socialist” Michelle Bachelet cruised to a widely anticipated victory in a run-off vote for the Chilean presidency held December 15.

The former defector to the mass-murdering Soviet bloc, who took refuge under the brutal Communist regime ruling East Germany, is hoping to replace Chile’s freedom-preserving constitution with one that allows government to take over everything from healthcare to higher education.

According to analysts, with the “deep reforms” promised by Bachelet, the foundation of Chilean liberty and prosperity are now under threat. Latin America more broadly, meanwhile, has been almost completely conquered by a tightly knit network of communist and socialist forces working to impose tyranny on the people of the region. However, whether Bachelet will succeed in her quest to re-shape the most prosperous and successful nation on the continent remains to be seen, and opposition to the plan is growing.

“Chile, one of the few remaining bastions of freedom in Latin America, is in danger of going communist,” noted anti-communist author and analyst Trevor Loudon. “Can the U.S. afford to lose yet another friend? Can the West afford to lose Chile — one of the most strategically situated nations in the world? The encirclement rolls on.” Along with numerous other experts on the region and communism, Loudon argues that the ongoing socialist takeover of Latin America represents a major threat to the United States and freedom.

During her last stint in Chile’s highest political office from 2006 to 2010, the Socialist Party leader avoided much of the extreme statism so prevalent across Latin America — leaving the nation and its foundations mostly intact as one of the few remaining outposts of relative freedom and prosperity in a region now dominated by socialist and Marxist machinations. This time, however, she has vowed to radically transform Chile, starting with the liberty-friendly Constitution that economists argue has been a key component in the country’s extraordinary success thus far.

If Bachelet gets her way, a radically larger and more intrusive government will take over healthcare, higher education, and more. Big tax hikes and huge spending increases are also on the agenda. “Chile has looked at itself, has looked at its path, its recent history, its wounds, its feats, its unfinished business and this Chile has decided it is the time to start deep transformations,” Bachelet claimed in front of supporters on Sunday after winning the election against the more liberty-oriented Evelyn Matthei.

The president-elect also promised to “responsibly” carry out the “deep reforms” that she claimed were allegedly “needed” in the wealthiest nation in the region — presumably an effort to soothe escalating fears of a Hugo Chavez-style socialist revolution that could plunge the nation into poverty and chaos. With her alliance with the Communist Party having secured a large enough majority in the legislature to push through much of her agenda, Bachelet also claimed that those who “want change” represent a “broad majority,” and so, “it’s time to put them into action.”

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Photo of Michelle Bachelet: AP Images

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