In China, Tyranny Remains 25 Years After Tiananmen Massacre

By:  Alex Newman
In China, Tyranny Remains 25 Years After Tiananmen Massacre

Exactly 25 years ago today, the ruthless Communist Party regime ruling over mainland China massacred thousands of innocent civilians in Beijing’s now-infamous Tiananmen Square.

The protesters, like people around the world, just wanted freedom. The autocrats, however, whose bloody rise to power was facilitated by the U.S. foreign policy establishment, responded by deploying the military for a barbaric crackdown that went down in history as a dark and barbarous stain on all of humanity.

Even now, on the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, the paranoid dictatorship is on edge. It has deployed legions of heavily armed “security” personnel, undercover police, and “assault units” all across downtown Beijing. According to news reports, the regime has also been busy for days rounding up activists and potential critics ahead of the tragic anniversary. Communist censors, meanwhile, have been working overtime to block any and all chatter about the atrocity online.

The 1989 protests that ended in a pool of innocent blood shed across Beijing represented the most serious challenge to China's communist tyranny since the U.S. government helped Mao defeat the nationalists and seize control of that vast land. Led by university students upset by the death of a deposed Communist Party reformer, hundreds of thousands of Chinese converged on the square. Eventually, the numbers ballooned to an estimated million peaceful protesters.

The regime responded to the uprising with tanks and heavy weapons aimed at anyone who stood in the way. As some 300,000 “People’s Liberation Army” troops marched toward the square, furious citizens across Beijing tried to stop them. The innocent victims were slaughtered in the street by the hundreds or even thousands — although even now, the regime does its best to keep the details of the ghoulish massacre under wraps. As tanks rolled in, one brave man stood in the way, setting up perhaps one of the most iconic images in human history. 

Today, despite a handful of economic reforms aimed mostly at boosting and preserving the mass-murdering dictatorship’s power, the Chinese people remain enslaved under one of the most repressive autocracies on the planet — a cabal of deranged gangsters whose party has the dubious distinction of murdering more innocent people than any other entity in history. Estimates suggest somewhere between 50 million and 80 million victims have died at the hands of Chinese communists, not including the hundreds of millions slaughtered in forced abortions as part of the regime’s barbaric “one-child policy.”  

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Photo: AP Images

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