Media Ignore Chinese "Philanthropist" Chen Guangbiao’s Communist Ties

By:  William F. Jasper
Media Ignore Chinese "Philanthropist" Chen Guangbiao’s Communist Ties

U.S. media coverage of Red Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao’s fancy feast for New York City’s homeless, studiously ignored his ties to China’s Communist Party and the CCP’s adherence to Lenin’s strategic New Economic Policy (NEP).

Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao (shown at left in photo) is “controversial”; no question about that. Whether he’s grabbing headlines in China, Taiwan, or the United States, he tends to polarize people into “pro” and “con” camps, with his shameless self-promotion and his flamboyant giveaways of cars, cash, and other items.

Last week Chen made a splash in New York City by sponsoring a gourmet sit-down lunch for about 250 residents of the New York City Rescue Mission at the tony Loeb Boathouse restaurant in Central Park. The event turned into something of a donnybrook, however, as crowds of homeless hopefuls were turned away, and some of the lucky guests who made it inside found out they were not going to receive the cash they expected. The Associated Press reported:

Wads of cash filled wire baskets at the restaurant, with Chen waving some of the money in front of the guests. But when they discovered that they in fact would not be given any money, an uproar ensued, with some yelling, “We want it now!”

… Others waiting outside, unable to get in because they weren’t registered, booed and cursed Chen, yelling “liar” and “con man."

Chen, whose personal wealth is estimated to be more than $750 million, is frequently described as a recycling “entrepreneur,” a classic Horatio Alger success story, a free market saga of rags to riches. Albeit, most stories point out that Chen is “eccentric” and given to self-aggrandizement: His business cards read, “Most Influential Person of China,” “Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Model,” “Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China” — and other personal honorifics Chen has bestowed upon himself.

However, while many news reports on Chen may offer unflattering descriptions that refer to his flamboyant, clownish ego-driven style, very few make any mention of the much more substantive issue concerning his connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which runs the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It’s not that difficult to uncover Chen’s CCP connections. An article this past January by Lu Chen in the Epoch Times entitled “Taking a Look at Chinese Tycoon Chen Guangbiao’s Ties to the Chinese Communist Party” notes: "A glance over Chen’s personal background and statements by his companies shows deep and extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party."

Some of those ties are quite obvious. The Epoch Times article notes that he received a big boost from the communist mayor of Nanjing — one of China’s most important cities (population 8.16 million) — who “gave him a pat on the shoulder and said: ‘Guangbiao, demolition work just started in Nanjing City. I give you this project. All Nanjing people trust you.’ After that, Chen took charge of over 80 percent of demolition work in Nanjing.”

Among the many noteworthy signals indicating that Chen is a “Party man” are these points cited in the Epoch Times article:

Click here to read the entire article.

Photo of Chen Guangbiao: AP Images

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