Obama Wants to Draft Drone Guidelines for Other Countries to Follow

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Obama Wants to Draft Drone Guidelines for Other Countries to Follow

Despite his failure to publish the rules he follows in executing the drone war, President Obama wants to draft guidelines for other nations to follow in the use of drones.

The Obama administration thinks its own use of drones to assassinate enemies — foreign or domestic — should be unrestricted and shrouded in secrecy. When it comes to other regimes pursuing a similar policy against their own enemies, however, President Obama wants to make sure they do it openly and that they follow the rules; rules he wants to help draft.

An article in Reuters published on March 17 reports that in advance of China and other countries launching their own military drone programs, the Obama administration is “openly seeking to influence global guidelines” on the use of drones by other nations.

In an ironic and damning twist, according to Reuters, in 2011 China considered using a drone “to kill a suspect in the 2011 murder of 13 Chinese sailors, but authorities decided they wanted the man alive so they could put him on trial.” Four men (none of whom was Chinese) were recently executed by Beijing for these murders.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration, anxious to maintain its monopoly on summary execution and the denial of due process, regularly asserts its “right” to kill suspects without any effort to apprehend or try them in court. Would the reputation of the United States internationally not be buoyed if our own government were to capture and try alleged terrorists rather than sending a drone to fire a missile and kill them without recourse?

It is a sad day indeed when the president of the United States of America values due process less than a communist Chinese dictator.

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Photo of Predator drone landing on an airfield in Afghanistan: AP Images

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