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Written by Larry Greenley on Saturday, October 16 2010 18:00.

In this era of trillion dollar legislative bills for an economic stimulus that's not working, a government takeover of health care, and cap-and-trade energy taxes to supposedly reduce global warming, millions of Americans are "awakening" to the need to limit the federal government by insisting that Congress adhere to the Constitution. Some of these newly awakened Americans have concluded that amending the Constitution would get our nation back on track, while forgetting that our biggest problem is that our elected officials already pay little attention to the Constitution's limitations as it is. Why would they pay attention to some new amendments?

Written by Ann Shibler on Friday, June 18 2010 14:43.

protect free speech in political campaignUPDATE, June 18: "Loophole Backfires, Blows up DISCLOSE Act." However, you should still contact Congress. Exhibiting a complete lack of dedication to Constitutional principles, lobbying instead for self-preservation, the NRA has brokered a deal with Democrat House leaders. In what is really a shameful and traitorous move, the NRA will stand down, offering no opposition to the DISCLOSE Act -- Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections Act -- H.R. 5175, in exchange for a huge reporting exemption.

Written by Ann Shibler on Wednesday, June 09 2010 11:13.

President Obama is pushing for a quick confirmation of his newest Supreme Court pick, and there seems to be little that stands in his way. Centrist Republicans and centrist-to-liberal democrats have already hinted they will not oppose her confirmation. Sen. Leahy who chairs the Judiciary Committee is already defending Kagan from Republican accusations that Kagan would be a “rubber stamp” for the Obama administration and the hearings haven’t yet started. Given the Democrats’ 59 to 41 advantage in the Senate, ex-Dean of Harvard Law School Elena Kagan appears a shoo-in.

Written by Ann Shibler on Tuesday, April 27 2010 17:19.

Puerto RicoUPDATE, April 30: The House passed H.R. 2499 by 223-169 yesterday. However, an important amendment was added to the bill to give citizens of Puerto Rico a fourth choice (in the second plebiscite authorized by the bill) to continue in the present commonwealth status. This additional choice would make the deck less stacked toward statehood. The Senate still must vote.

The United States House of Representatives is set to vote on H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, as early as this week. This bill would mandate a non-binding expression by the voters of Puerto Rico as to their wishes with regard to retaining their commonwealth status or becoming a state or becoming an independent nation, but in conjunction with other legislation already introduced inside Puerto Rico, the commonwealth status of the island could be eliminated as early as this year.

Written by Warren Mass on Saturday, April 17 2010 11:00.

National Day of PrayerJudge Barbara Crabb, of the U. S. District Court, Western District of Wisconsin, declared on April 15 that the U.S. law authorizing a National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. Judge Crabb’s 66-page decision enjoined President Obama from issuing an executive order calling for the celebration of a National Day of Prayer.

The act was signed into law in 1952 by President Harry Truman and amended by Congress in 1988 to designate the first Thursday in May as “a National Day of Prayer on which the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals." (Emphasis added.)

The Christian Science Monitor reported, however, that the judge stayed her own injunction pending the resolution of any appeals.

“I understand that many may disagree with [my] conclusion and some may even view it as critical of prayer or those who pray. That is unfortunate,” Judge Crabb wrote. Crabb was appointed to the court in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter.

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