House Speaker Boehner Offers Plan B with Tax Increases

By:  Bob Adelmann
House Speaker Boehner Offers Plan B with Tax Increases

House Speaker John Boehner offered his Plan B to the White House as part of the chess game being played over the fiscal cliff, indicating that tax increases are OK after all.

On Tuesday, December 18, Republican House Speaker John Boehner spelled out some of the details on his “Plan B” offer to the White House in case Plan A goes nowhere. It appears that Plan B will go nowhere as well, but not because of resistance from the White House, but from other House Republicans who are intent on keeping their word.

According to Boehner’s office, Plan B, "does not raise taxes. It is a net tax cut that prevents a $4.6 trillion tax hike on January 1."

But there is a tax increase in his plan after all:

[Plan B] permanently extends income tax rate cuts [the Bush tax cuts] for Americans making less than $1 million, which protects 99.81 percent of all taxpayers.

So there it is: Boehner’s Plan A doesn't raise taxes, but then again it does. But only on those making $1 million a year or more. It’s just a little caving in, just a little surrender, just a little blinking in the game of chess. As Erick Erickson wrote in his diary at

Only among the mendacious cast of clowns in Washington can those two bullet points be reconciled together. John Boehner’s plan does raise taxes. But it only does so on people who earn one million dollars or more. He obfuscates this because taxes are set to automatically go up in January. Therefore, by preventing taxes from going up on 99.81% of Americans and letting a tax increase happen anyway, he can claim his plan “does not raise taxes.”

[It’s] that type of mendacity [that] got us to this point.

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Photo of John Boehner: AP Images

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