In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

By:  James Heiser
In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

When the FEMA bureaucrats have gone home, New Yorkers will still be relying on each other, and the compassion of their fellow Americans.

Thanks to governmental mismanagement, “Frankenstorm” Sandy may be remembered as the storm with the proportionately worst aftermath in American history. Measured simply by the criteria of its severity as a storm, far worse storms have occurred. But the ongoing misery which has taken place since Sandy made landfall while politicians from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to President Obama demonstrating an appalling “tone deafness” to those languishing under the ongoing effects of the storm, places Sandy in a category where the instantaneous politicization of the storm hampered relief efforts.

As Rebecca Terrell wrote last week for The New American:

Though Hurricane Sandy did break records in regard to barometric pressure, wave surges, and power outages, she is not the trend-setter some claim. She is neither the largest Atlantic storm on record nor the deadliest. The National Hurricane Center reports Olga was the largest in recorded history with a wind extent of 600 miles, more than 100 miles greater than Sandy's. In terms of death toll, among the top ten worst U.S. natural disasters reported by LiveScience are the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 which claimed 8,000 lives and the Lake Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928 which killed 2,500.

According to the catastrophe insurance provider ICAT, even if Sandy's damage fulfills worst-case estimates, she would also not make the top 10 list of costliest hurricanes.

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Photo of people being loaded onto a truck and being transported from their flooded homes to dry ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: AP Image

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