Home Schooling Continues to Grow

Based on strictly empirical evidence, several researchers report that the homeschooled consistently outperform, on average, non-homeschooled students, both on standardized tests and college entrance exams. 

The news of a continuously growing home school movement is probably not going to sit well with the government change agents or educators’ unions. Not happy with the proven academic achievement and aptitudes demonstrated by those who are home schooled, some teachers even seem to take it as a personal insult instead. Others are just plain leftist liberals, while some demonstrate that they are narrow minded and intolerant of others' choices, and must attack the movement on any grounds they can think of. 

For your perusal then, we present a comment posted by a supposed teacher with the moniker “teacheru” on the USAToday website that carried the original story, word-for-word, spelling mistakes and all. Read it and weep -- or laugh: 

It seems that home schooled kids primarily tend to fall into a couple of general categories such as those who just cannot separate our Church and State tradition and refusal to want their kids to mix with non Whites. So it seems to be either religious extremism or racial. I suspect most homeschoolers overwhelmingly fall within these two areas. True that a meager 4% is Black, if that, but what about Hispanics....nary a percent or Asians? This is the aweful reality. Home schooling IS the insidious and harmful modern day segregation and needs to be dealt with straight up. Truency laws ARE on the books. They simply need to be enforced. What percentage of these homeschoolers are not in our schools due to severe behavior problems and dysfunctional homes, caused by socio-economic-linguistic disadvantage? This is another possible area to our home schooling abondoned by the system to protect itself. With powerful local school board elected officials who get elected by local bigoted, racist, religious extremists that are out of control with dictates and often backed up through collusion with a hijacked local union cut from equally bigoted racist and religious extremists, kids can be "eased" out of a public school district. These things are happening. Civil rights laws need to be enforced and be pro-active. After 30 years of this homeschooling stuff being allowed to metastasized by the anti-public school gang, it is now way out of control and the federal government needs to intervene forthwith like in the 60's and 70's with desegregation. In conclusion...generally speaking, most parents can't teach a foreign language, music, or advanced mathematics and science without knowing those subject areas and having methodologies in their pedogogy. And the very, very few that might, well, we CANNOT make a generalization for our society based on them. Home schooling IS a way to avoid institutions through religious extremism as President Carter so aptly alludes to in his book Our Endangered Values or just masked religious bigotry and racism.

If ever there was a reason to homeschool one’s own child....

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