Government to Spend Twice as Much on Global Warming Than Border Security

By:  Raven Clabough
Government to Spend Twice as Much on Global Warming Than Border Security

Estimates reveal that the federal government will spend more money on fighting global warming than it will on tightening border security. 

Global-warming spending is estimated to cost approximately $22.2 billion this year, twice as much as the $12 billion estimated for customs and border enforcement.

According to the White House, there are currently 18 federal agencies engaged in activities related to global warming. Those agencies fund programs that include scientific research, international climate assistance, renewable energy technology, and subsidies for renewable energy producers.

Republicans have criticized the administration for its global-warming efforts and have demanded more transparency. The online Daily Caller reported, “Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee have been calling on the heads of major federal agencies to testify on global warming activities.”

The efforts to acquire testimony have been mostly unsuccessful, however, with just the heads of the Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency agreeing to testify in front of the House of Representatives.

“With billions of dollars currently being spent annually on climate change activities, Congress and the public should understand the scope of what the federal government is doing, how the billions of dollars are being spent, and what it will accomplish,” said Kentucky Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield. “Anyone who believes the committee ought to be focusing its attention on climate change related issues should be standing with us to get these answers.”

In the Senate, a hearing was held to discuss the immediate impacts of global warming, but Senate Republicans released a report rejecting many of the claims advanced by scientists and lawmakers about global warming. “Over nearly four decades, numerous predictions have had adequate time to come to fruition, providing an opportunity to analyze and compare them to today’s statistics,” reads the report from Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

In particular, Republicans have criticized efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Still, the EPA is working toward imposing emissions caps on power plants across the country, standards that would negatively impact the coal industry.

But that may not be an unintended consequence. It has been revealed that the agenda behind environmental global-warming efforts, such as cap and trade, has more nefarious ends, which include wealth redistribution and virtually stunting economic growth. 

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