Politically Correct Bird-O-Matics (i.e., Wind Farms)

By:  Ralph R. Reiland
Politically Correct Bird-O-Matics (i.e., Wind Farms)

Wind turbines have become slicing and dicing machines, Bird-O-Matics, with their gigantic spinning blades chopping up tons of birds, including eagles.

Remember the old Dan Aykroyd skit on Saturday Night Live about the Bass-O-Matic? “Catch a bass, remove the hook and drop the whole fish into the Bass-O-Matic,” said Aykroyd as he switched on the blender. “There’s no waste. You’ll never have to scale, cut or gut again.”

The updated version is the Bird-O-Matic, a no-spoof description of how the gigantic spinning blades on wind farms are chopping up tons of birds, including eagles.

In “Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths,” May 14, 2013, Dina Cappiello, the national environmental reporter for The Associated Press, reported the following regarding PacifiCorp, a utility headquartered in Portland:  “At least 20 golden eagles have been found dead at the company’s wind farms in Wyoming, according to data obtained by The Associated Press. It’s the not-so-green secret of the nation’s wind-energy boom: Spinning turbines are killing thousands of federally protected birds, including eagles, each year.”

A study published in the peer-reviewed Wildlife Society Bulletin estimates that 573,000 birds — including species protected by federal law and including 83,000 hunting birds such as eagles, hawks and falcons — are killed each year by way of collisions with wind farm turbines and the number could double to over a million per year by 2030.

Cappiello reported in May 2013 that “companies operating industrial-sized turbines … that are killing eagles and other protected birds have yet to be fined or prosecuted — even though every death is a criminal violation” — and even though the “Obama administration has charged oil companies for drowning birds in their waste pits and power companies for electrocuting birds on power lines.”

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