UN Climate Convention Adds Tons of CO2 to Atmosphere

Originally expecting 8,000 people to attend the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), December 1-12, several days before the meetings commenced, the UNFCCC had already registered 10,657 people.

Taking into account the travel methods, heat, and lighting for the convention center and hotel rooms, etc., estimates for carbon dioxide release are in the 13,000-ton category.

But the UN wants you to know that their own UNFCCC members who traveled from Bonn, Germany, to Poland for the event were traveling by bus or train, considered more “carbon friendly” by the global warming theory enthusiasts. That leaves at least 10,457 who used more carbon-producing transportation methods.

Not to worry, however, because Poland "plans to offset the total emissions resulting from the conference once a final calculation has been made," the UNFCCC said. Carbon offsets will be offered for anyone who wishes to invest in a scheme that mitigates the pollution by the same amount, through reforestation projects, or using cleaner technologies. 

Any takers? We’ll probably never know, but odds are not many, if any.

The only thing stopping the bloatacrats from ramming this junk science agenda down this hapless planet's inhabitants is the fact that we are currently staring at an impending global economic depression, added to the fact, that as always, they waaayyyy understimated the costs of their "save the earth" scheme.

With another convention being planned for Copenhagen in December 2009, these greenies-in-name-only should be encouraged to stay home.

Perhaps banning all UN conventions -- they hold a ton on a variety of topics each and every year -- will greatly contribute to a cleaner world -- and definitely one less controlled by elites.

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