As Trust in U.S. Press Plummets, Journalist Seeks “Truth in Media”

By:  Alex Newman
As Trust in U.S. Press Plummets, Journalist Seeks “Truth in Media”

As mainstream media is more discredited, journalist Ben Swann wants his "Liberty Is Rising Truth in Media" project to restore the media's role as watchdog of those in power.

As alternative media continue to gain market share from the increasingly discredited establishment press, journalist Ben Swann (shown in photo), who rose to national prominence with his “Reality Check” segment on Cincinnati Fox affiliate WXIX, is working on a new journalism project known as the “Liberty Is Rising Truth in Media" project. The plan, he told The New American, is to restore the Fourth Estate’s historical role in America as a watchdog of, rather than a lapdog for, those in power.

Recent polls show the establishment media’s credibility is at historic lows. Last year, for example, a Gallup survey found that a record 60 percent of Americans had either no trust or very little trust in the mass media — newspapers, TV, and radio — to report the news fully, accurately, and fairly. A more recent Gallup poll, released this month, showed that less than a fourth of Americans trust newspapers or television news. The numbers are still plunging, too.

That is all good news for the alternative media, which has done a fair amount of gloating as confidence in the establishment press continues its spectacular implosion. Americans of all political persuasions are increasingly relying on new sources of information — much of it online. As long as the dubious mega-corporations that run the “Big Media” establishment continue parroting government propaganda as fact, those trends are likely to accelerate.

The primary beneficiaries of the historic shift in the media landscape, aside from the American people, will almost certainly be alternative sources of information. News and analysis services such as The New American magazine, as just one example, or the countless others that look beyond the establishment narrative to uncover the truth, are growing quickly in terms of global reach.

The potential extinction of the old industry model, however, hardly happened in vacuum. Patriotic Americans, such as members of The John Birch Society, have been working for decades to rein in anti-constitutional Big Government, and that work appears to be paying off.   

Ben Swann, whose TV news show in Cincinnati drew nationwide praise for exploring topics the establishment press refused to touch, is among those hoping to help satisfy Americans’ hunger for truth. Of course, amid the well-funded cacophony of irrelevant distractions and slick propaganda that passes for “news” today, that will not be an easy task. However, for Swann and others, it is crucial for the future of journalism and even liberty in America.

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