Big Government Bilderberger Addresses Protesters

By:  Alex Newman
Big Government Bilderberger Addresses Protesters

COPENHAGEN — Bilderberg attendees — about 150 of the world’s most influential globalists who meet behind closed doors once a year — should be more transparent about what is discussed there.

At least that is the message of one summit attendee, a Big Government-minded lawmaker and sustainable-development zealot from Holland, who emerged from the shadowy conference today for a rare conversation with protesters and journalists assembled outside.

In the early afternoon, as citizens and reporters were starting to converge outside the Bilderberg summit surrounded by throngs of police, Dutch Parliamentary leader Diederik Samsom (shown in photo) popped up on the other side of the fence with a man who appeared to be a security guard. The protesters and the press had already been corralled into a fenced-in parking lot. Still, there were multiple opportunities for questions through the wire.

Samsom happily responded, spending much of his brief time outside the hotel explaining the purported rationale behind the paranoia and obsession with secrecy among Bilderberg attendees. “If there is a camera in there, you know, you behave different with the camera and I don’t want people to behave different, so I think it’s a good thing that for once you have three hours in a meeting,” the Dutch parliamentarian claimed. “But I do agree that after such a meeting, people should go out, like me, and tell you what we discussed.”

Indeed, the environmentalist and chief of the Socialist International-aligned Dutch Labor Party tried hard to make the secretive meeting seem like a mere discussion forum. Furious citizens outside, though, were not buying it. From decrying what globalists often refer to as the “New World Order” and lambasting government tyranny to slamming the secret meeting and blasting genetic engineering, enraged citizens from across the political spectrum shouted questions and complaints at the grinning attendee.

Why the secrecy? “We as politicians, we haggle every day with daily business,” he told a gathering of about two dozen or so journalists and protesters through the fence. “For me as a politician, it’s good to have three days — a bit more time, not five minutes for discussion, but two hours. It’s nice to get out of there and go three days to have meetings about new energy, about the future, about what Europe’s going to do, how should we get peace in the Middle East, what’s happening in Ukraine — those kinds of questions that me and you are all thinking about.”

Before he even finished, people in the crowd were shouting more questions and criticism as traffic roared in the background. “When you talked about depopulation before, you sounded like a eugenics agent,” declared a Danish woman among the protesters, who earlier had been singing a song with some other Danes about the evils of the New World Order, George Bush, Barack Obama, and their alleged Danish collaborators. More than a few Bilderberg attendees — Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, and members of the Rockefeller dynasty, for example — are notorious for supporting eugenics and depopulation.

Samsom, however, grinning wide, denied that he was a eugenicist to the woman with concerns about eugenics and depopulation. “If I sounded like that, I’m sorry. I’m not,” he told her. “For instance, Denmark and the Netherlands are both countries with a population that gets older and older, which is a good thing, because we’re more healthy.”

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Photo of Dutch Parliamentary leader Diederik Samsom: AP Images

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