Global Warming Alarmism Melting as Record Cold Sweeps Nation

By:  Alex Newman
Global Warming Alarmism Melting as Record Cold Sweeps Nation

Record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfall across much of the United States and Canada have experts warning people to be careful, saying the frigid conditions could even kill those who are not prepared or properly dressed for the conditions.

In some areas, factoring in wind chills, it could feel as cold as 70 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. At the earth’s poles, the situation is even more serious, with the highest amount of sea-ice cover since records began almost four decades ago. As their controversial theories melt down on the world stage, however, global-warming alarmists are not giving up yet.

Many climate experts around the world say the ongoing freeze is just the start of a new period of global cooling sparked largely by decreasing solar activity. More than a few scientists are even warning that the planet is headed for another “Little Ice Age,” with potentially devastating consequences for humanity. Even the discredited climate-alarmism apparatus at the United Nations has quietly lowered its wild temperature predictions. Political analysts, meanwhile, are now forecasting the imminent demise of what critics refer to as the “cult” of global-warming hysteria.

For government-backed global-warming alarmists, however, the record cold is, somehow, just more evidence of alleged “man-made global warming,” requiring, of course, carbon taxes and a planetary climate regime. Despite regularly seizing on every bit of bad weather as more evidence for their anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming theories, other alarmists are warning that the record-breaking cold should be ignored because it is weather, not climate. In desperation, a few alarmists have even hyped some warm weather in Australia to claim that their theories should still be taken seriously.

As global-warming hysteria gets put on ice, weather watchers are warning Americans and Canadians to bundle up for the ride. “All the ingredients are there for a near-record or historic cold outbreak,” meteorologist Ryan Maue with Weather Bell told the Associated Press. “If you’re under 40 (years old), you’ve not seen this stuff before.” Among the forecasts: -25 in parts of North Dakota, -30 in some areas of Minnesota, and more. With wind chill, parts of the northern United States could feel as cold as 73 below.

Multiple cities, including Chicago and Detroit, are expected to see all-time new records, with daily highs lower than any ever recorded since data has been kept. Experts are also forecasting temperatures potentially 40 or even 50 degrees below normal as polar air freezes much of North America. In Minnesota and parts of other Midwest states, schools are closed due to the cold. Heavy snow is also wreaking havoc across much of the region. Over a dozen deaths have already been blamed on the life-threatening cold.

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Photo: AP Images

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