Global Warming Alarmists, Looking Ridiculous, Double Down

By:  Alex Newman
Global Warming Alarmists, Looking Ridiculous, Double Down

Even as frenzied “climate-change” predictions continue to be exposed as wildly false, global warming alarmists are doubling down, putting the slowly dying alarmist juggernaut into overdrive.

Global warming alarmists are facing an increasingly skeptical public as their hysterical “climate-change” predictions continue to be exposed as wildly inaccurate. Still, the Obama administration, the Communist Party USA, radical Senate Democrats, the establishment media, and other proponents of discredited United Nations theories on alleged “catastrophic man-made global warming” are not throwing in the towel just yet. Instead, they are doubling down on the alarmism, putting the slowly dying alarmist juggernaut into overdrive.

The White House and alarmist U.S. lawmakers, of course, are desperately fighting to keep the last bit of climate hysteria from melting away. With polls showing that most Americans do not believe the UN’s global warming theories, global warmists in Washington, D.C., understand that their bid to empower the UN, create a planetary climate regime by 2015, and impose carbon taxes on the public appears close to failure — hence the increasingly shrill tone.

At this point, however, critics and independent scientists, many of whom are now forecasting global cooling, say the alarmists are simply making fools of themselves. Indeed, 2013 proved to be a spectacularly devastating year for proponents of UN global-warming theories as the implosion of their claims and predictions accelerated — often in deeply embarrassing ways. That has not stopped them yet, though.  

Time magazine, for example, is facing worldwide ridicule for blaming the recent “polar vortex” that brought record cold temperatures across America on man-made “global warming” — after having linked the exact same phenomenon to alleged “global cooling” in 1974. In an article headlined “Another Ice Age?" appearing almost four decades ago, Time said “scientists” had found evidence of “global cooling” in an expansion of the “circumpolar vortex.”

Forty years later, senior editor Bryan Walsh claimed: “it may well be that global warming could be making the occasional bout of extreme cold weather in the U.S. even more likely.” Skeptical researchers were quick to lambaste Time for the absurdities and contradictions. “At least the 1974 version made sense,” noted Real Science. “Bryan Walsh’s 2014 version makes a complete farce out of science.”

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