UN’s Ban Ki-Moon Pushes War with Syria, Climate Alarmism at CFR

By:  William F. Jasper
UN’s Ban Ki-Moon Pushes War with Syria, Climate Alarmism at CFR

Less than 24 hours after Ban Ki-moon's appeal to the Insider globalist confab, President Obama included key "must do" items of the UN leader's agenda in his State of the Union address.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (pictured) ventured up the street from the United Nations headquarters in New York on Monday, February 11, to the New York City headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to deliver the Sorenson Distinguished Lecture on the United Nations (the video is available at the link below; Ban's speech begins at about 4:55).

Ban Ki-moon explained to his audience that there are so many items on the UN’s agenda that it would not be possible for him to “cover all of even the most urgent issues in the space of these remarks.” “So,” he said, “I have chosen two items above all others to discuss in depth”:

Both have huge consequences. In both cases, the international community is not upholding its responsibilities. Both risk the harsh judgement of history should present trends continue. And both require collective action that must involve the United States.

I speak about the crisis in Syria — and the threat of climate catastrophe.

In addressing these two topics to this particular audience, the Secretary General knew he was pushing on an open door; many of the movers and shakers from the worlds of politics, finance, and media in the CFR audience have been in the forefront of promoting U.S. support for UN military intervention in Syria and using fear over global warming to effect the UN’s call for “a complete transformation of the economic structure of the world.”

So, the first order of business, from Ban's standpoint, is to line up U.S. support for war on Syria by the UN “peacemakers” and “peacekeepers.” Ban stated his case:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Syria is self-destructing. After nearly two years, we no longer count days in hours, but in bodies. Another day, another 100, 200, 300 dead.

Fighting rages. Sectarian hatred is on the rise. The catalogue of war crimes is mounting. Sexual violence is widespread.

The destruction is systematic. Syria is being torn apart, limb by limb.

The political crisis has bred a humanitarian emergency. Four million people — one out of every five Syrians — are in need of immediate assistance….

Click here to read the entire article and see video of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's lecture.

Photo of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: AP Images

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