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Written by Warren Mass on Thursday, March 25 2010 14:03.

A Seattle mother identified only as “Jill,” is furious because her 15-year-old daughter’s high school “health” center facilitated her daughter’s abortion.

The story was reported by ABC News’ Seattle affiliate,  KOMO-TV, on March 24, which conducted an interview with the girl’s mother. Jill had signed a health consent form at the start of the school year, but told the station she assumed it meant her daughter could go to the Teen Health Center at Ballard High School for minor ailments such as an earache, a sports physical, and even birth control, but not for an abortion.

"She took a pregnancy test at school at the teen health center," Jill said. "Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion."

"We had no idea this was being facilitated on campus," said the mother. "They just told her that if she concealed it from her family, that it would be free of charge and no financial responsibility."

Written by Jack Kenny on Friday, November 06 2009 14:53.

I always receive some interesting e-mails after writing about legislation to extend marriage to same-sex couples. Some of them accuse me of bigotry and homophobia and some have largely to do with how this publication and I handle words and phrases like “gay” and “marriage” and “gay marriage.”  Put quotation marks around any of them to indicate you don’t really think that’s what it is (another way of saying, so-called marriage) and you are apt to offend people who believe that what they are seeking for themselves and their respective partners is marriage, and damn the quotation marks.

Let us start with the word “gay,” which has for centuries meant lighthearted and happy. I believe using “gay” for homosexual is a surrender to the homosexual lobby and its agenda.

Now I realize many of those promoting the homosexual agenda deny there is such a thing. But just as assurances from the henhouse that there are no foxes therein usually come from the foxes, so it is with the promoters of the agenda of which same-sex marriage is a part. Though they insist they only want to be left alone, each to his and her own “pursuit of happiness,” their goal is really a revolutionary transformation of the social order in which we all live, more or less peaceably.

Written by Ann Shibler on Tuesday, October 20 2009 01:31.

Lady Gaga applauded by ObamaA skilled rhetorician, President Barack Obama sent a strong message on Saturday evening, when he spoke at a banquet of the Human Rights Campaign, the leading homosexual activist organization this nation has seen. His message? That he will work for the defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act, and to promote the “rights" of gay couples.

Obama proudly billed himself as the opening act for Lady GaGa — a bisexual with a penchant for wearing tops or bottoms, but not simultaneously — who was part of the featured entertainment for the evening at the dinner, which black-tie attendees paid $250 a plate to experience, saying he was privileged to do so.

But he quickly moved on to mentioning celebrities in attendance like Tipper Gore, after which his affirming comment was duly noted: “You will see a time in which we as a nation finally recognize relationships between two men or two women as just as real and admirable as relationships between a man and a woman.”

on Thursday, October 15 2009 12:00.

Malissa Durkee holds a photo of her brother Michael Brewer on October 14. Five teens have been charged with aggravated battery for dousing Brewer with rubbing alcohol and setting him on fire.

If you don't think there is something wrong in America today, you haven't seen the story of fifteen-year-old Michael Brewer.

According to Broward County, Florida, police, Michael was set on fire by five of his peers, all aged 13 to 15. He now struggles to stay alive with burns over 65 percent of his body. Dr. Nicholas Namias, Michael's doctor and the director of the Burn Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, emphasized that the road ahead for the young victim will not be easy. Michael is "doing as well as we could hope someone could do with this condition," Dr. Namias said according to CBS News. "But don't mistake that for good," he continued. "This is obviously a very bad thing, a serious thing. People said yesterday he was out of the woods, but that's only half the sentence…. Burn patients only really start to get sick four, five, six days into it."

The attack on Michael came four days ago. According to police, Michael owed suspect Matthew Bent $40 for a video game. When Bent didn't get the money, he attempted to steal a custom bicycle, valued at $500, from Michael's father. When the attempted theft was reported to police, Bent allegedly wanted revenge.

That led to five boys, including Bent, attacking Michael, dousing him with rubbing alcohol, and setting him ablaze. The Miami Herald describes what happened:

According to witnesses and [suspect Jesus] Mendez's confession, Bent ordered them to pour rubbing alcohol over Brewer after surrounding him at an apartment complex in the 400 block of SE 13th Court. Denver Colorado Jarvis, 15, then doused him with the fluid. Shortly thereafter, Mendez took a lighter to him and Brewer went up in flames.

Two other boys, Jarvis' brother, Jeremy, and Steven Shelton, 15, stood by saying nothing, according to BSO.

Brewer ran to a swimming pool and jumped in -- a move that doctors said may have saved his life.

This atrocity committed by kids against another kid is one of a line of such atrocities stretching back to the massacre at Columbine. Every time one of these horrible crimes occurs, the question is asked why they continue to happen.

There is no single answer, but there are a constellation of related changes that have occurred in American culture and society over the last several decades, since at least the 1960s, that working in concert create conditions that are not only conducive to these crimes, but also explain the substantial problems in our political system.

The first is the culture of relativism that has become one of the major philosophical tenet's underlying the professional education establishment. Up and coming teachers, for instance, are strongly indoctrinated with one species of relativism in the form of multiculturalism. All cultures, teacher education programs at universities around the nation emphasize, are equal and valuable. There isn't any one that is better than the other. Specifically, Western civilization is not superior to any other civilization and, ergo, the United States and its heritage of limited government under a written constitution based on the natural law, is not any better than other nations lacking that heritage.

Similarly, the idea that morality is relative has even more strongly influenced culture in the last several decades. We now hear about "personal" morality as opposed to mere morality in general. The first is determined by and limited to each individual while the latter is applicable to all regardless of time or place. Personal morality is relative to person and circumstance, while general morality is grounded in self-evident, natural truth.

But, because relativism holds sway, especially in academia and our schools, the basic moral truths, and the natural law from which they stem, have been banished to the dust bin of history.

This puts the ailments of our nation into focus. Summarizing the natural law, Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that certain truths about the rights of the people were self-evident. The rights to life, liberty, and property, or happiness as the Declaration terms it, are not created by personal whim of man or government, but stem from the Creator, or from ultimate Truth.

What Jefferson summarized of the natural law is nothing but the central tenet of basic morality. "Thou shalt not steal," is a moral precept applicable in all times and places, because to commit the crime of theft is to infringe on the natural right of property and happiness. "Thou shalt not kill," similarly is a moral precept always and everywhere because to kill is to infringe on the natural right to life.

We are beset by children committing unspeakable crimes because they have no understanding of general morality. It is no longer taught, either to our teachers or to children in our schools. If it is taught, that teaching is accompanied all to often with the admonition that the concept of natural law, self-evident truth, and general morality was developed by a patriarchal society as a means of oppressing women and minorities.

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. It was an understanding of the natural law that animated America's founders and that informed the construction and operation of a free society with a limited government applicable to all people regardless of race, ethnicity or gender that is unique in all human history.

One of those Founding Fathers, John Adams, warned: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Unless we heed that warning, it seems likely that we will continue to witness unspeakable crimes, including those committed by children, as well as the further erosion of limited government.

Written by Ann Shibler on Thursday, October 15 2009 10:30.

devilThose opposed to abortion have often called the practice of killing unborn babies evil. That may be a self-evident truth, but in Rockford, Illlinois, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center seems determined to illustrate the fact for all to see. As we have reported in the past, the abortion facility engages in truly bizarre expressions of mockery and contempt for Christians and their beliefs, but equally disturbing is the apparent willingness of Rockford police to act on the center's behalf against law abiding protestors.

For a taste of the bizarre, consider that recently, according to witnesses, the owner of the facility, dressed in a devil suit, mockingly "blessed" Catholic priests praying nearby with a pitchfork he was carrying. All the while, a very obscene picture of Jesus Christ was displayed in the window of the facility. Other windows have collected so many signs, they are more like derisive billboards. In June an agent from the Department of Health and Human Services Civil Rights Division was sent to investigate the “medical facility,” but nothing has come of it so far, except her name on a window poster with vulgar expletives.

Now, in another turn to the strange and surreal, police seem to have "arrested" an image of Christ. On Wednesday October 8, when the prayer warriors had assembled out front of the killing center, armed with their placards and some devotional pictures, the police were already out front, as they usually are. Some of the devotional pictures were placed between the sidewalk and the street while those praying paced the sidewalk near them. In the video you can see the center’s owner approach the squad car, have a few words, and immediately the squad car is driven over to one of the protestors.

According to the protestor with whom we spoke, the police officer said he must “tend” his devotional picture, but the man answered in reply that he was, as it was only resting a few feet away from him. The police officer then reportedly ordered the man to turn off his video camera before calling his supervisor. and shortly thereafter, two more squad cars arrived. The police supervisor then on the scene said the sign was "unattended" and thereupon confiscated the picture of Christ and placed it in the back of his squad car. At last report, the picture remained in the possession of the police department. This can all be seen plainly in the video, linked below.

While the protestor's picture of Jesus was confiscated, the obscene picture of Jesus in the abortion facility's window remains in place. About 100 pro-lifers have sent a letter to their city aldermen and attended city council meetings in order to get the city to enforce its own ordinance of “Offensive Use of Property,” so far to no avail. 

Video Warning:
Some scenes in the video are disturbing and obscene in the depiction of Jesus Christ, but none the less show the real face of abortion in Rockford, Illinois, and the actions of the police. We leave it up to our readers whether they want to view it or not. Click here to view the video.

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