Bergdahl’s Captors Armed and Funded by U.S. Taxpayers

By:  Alex Newman
Bergdahl’s Captors Armed and Funded by U.S. Taxpayers

The Haqqani network that held Bergdahl is closely linked with the Pakistani government’s intelligence agency, which in turn has been a close ally of the CIA.

While many questions remain unanswered surrounding the reported kidnapping of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, one crucial fact overlooked by the establishment media is not debatable: The Taliban-aligned Haqqani network that held him is closely linked with the Pakistani government’s intelligence agency, which in turn has been a close ally of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Indeed, the Islamist terror group has at various points been openly supported by the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) since it was founded with U.S. government backing in the mid-1970s — and top American officials know it.

Based on news reports, it appears that Bergdahl was first seized by the Afghan Taliban in the summer of 2009. Those jihadists then reportedly passed him off to the Haqqani network, which operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal areas. Bergdahl was held for about five years before negotiations between the Obama administration and the terror group ended with a prisoner swap that has stirred a firestorm of controversy. Five Taliban officials held in Guantanamo were exchanged for Bergdahl. Some reports, based on comments by officials, suggest money may have been involved as well.   

Numerous unresolved questions remain: Did Bergdahl abandon his post? Did he convert to Islam and declare jihad? Was he on drugs when he allegedly walked off his base in Afghanistan? According to an e-mail he allegedly sent to his parents before disappearing, reported by the late journalist Michael Hastings, Bergdahl had become extremely disillusioned with the U.S. military and the mission in Afghanistan in particular. “The horror that is america is disgusting,” he reportedly wrote in the message to his parents.

Lost amid all the outrage over whether the Obama administration negotiating with terrorists was unlawful or even treasonous, however, have been the known facts about the Haqqani network and the bigger picture. The Islamist outfit was founded by the Haqqani family in the mid-1970s in Afghanistan. Under the guise of countering the Soviet occupation of that nation, the Haqqani network received strong support from the CIA via Pakistan’s ISI. Among other assistance, the U.S. government delivered funding, weapons, and training to the Islamists — supposedly to help them defeat the Soviet Union’s invasion and attempted enslavement of Afghanistan.

Of course, Haqqani was not the only group of radical Islamists in the region developed in conjunction with the CIA and the Pakistani government at the expense of other, more reasonable anti-communist forces.

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Video image at top, obtained via AP from Voice Of Jihad Website, shows Taliban guarding Bergdahl in vehicle: AP Images

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