China’s “Journalists” Ordered to Take New Propaganda Training

By:  William F. Jasper
China’s “Journalists” Ordered to Take New Propaganda Training

Even as Communist China expands its official propaganda agencies in the United States — disguised as glossy news shows and Western-style publications — it is launching a new wave of repression at home to squash freedom of expression and independence of thought.

Reporters, editors, and commentators for China’s mushrooming domestic and global print, broadcast, and social media have been ordered to pack their bags and head back to school for a new and revised dose of Marxist Propaganda 101. On October 10, China’s State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television, which is overseen by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Central Propaganda Department, announced a mandatory three-month training program for all journalists, according to reports from various Asian and Western news agencies.

“The move suggests greater government control over media and flies in the face of expectations that it was allowing greater freedom,” noted a report in the Times of India on October 11.

The Times story further noted: 

Chinese media training involves courses on patriotism and journalists in the program are required to wear military uniforms on certain days. Currently, media organizations have [a] separate training program for their staff.

Now, the government has created a unified training program, which will be provided free. Journalists need to pass a post-training examination to obtain [a] press card or accreditation. The training will focus on six subjects, including theories on socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Marxist view on journalism, journalistic ethics, laws and regulations, norms in news gathering and editing, and content on preventing false information. 

Yes, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is undergoing another wave of “reform,” as new CCP leader and Chinese President Xi Jinping reasserts firm Communist Party authority over all aspects of Chinese society, particularly emphasizing CCP control over business, media, and the Internet, which CCP officials claim have been deviating from party doctrine.

New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDtv), an independent, New York City-based global Chinese television network that regularly tackles the party line dished out by the PRC’s larger state-run propaganda organs, reported on the new media control mandate in a story entitled “New Press Pass in China Makes Training in Marxism Mandatory” (see video below), carried on its regular “China — Forbidden News” segment.

The NTDtv report reproduces Communist Party Propaganda Department documents and interviews former leading journalists/propagandists/censors who expose the standard practices employed in the PRC’s media to tightly control all “news” to assure that it adheres to and serves the state and the CCP party line.

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