Obama Considering Chinese Participation in Trans-Pacific Partnership

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Obama Considering Chinese Participation in Trans-Pacific Partnership

China is once again expressing interest in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and President Obama has indicated that he would entertain the idea of Chinese participation in the bloc.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is accelerating toward “a successful conclusion as early as 2015,” according to a report out of TPP member Malaysia.

Currently, there are 12 countries negotiating in secret to create this regional trade agreement that some have called “NAFTA on steroids.” The number of participants could rise to 14 should South Korea and China be welcomed on board by the United States trade representatives.

President Obama has signaled that he would entertain the idea of the Chinese communist government’s partnership in the bloc.

Now, word from Tawainese media reveals mainland China's increasing interest in getting in on the TPP’s destruction of American economic prosperity.

After citing South Korea’s interest in joining the trade pact negotiations, the China Post reports:

Now, China is also indicating interest. Foreign Minister Wang Yi, while outlining diplomatic priorities for 2014, said that economic diplomacy would be a major focus of Chinese diplomacy in the new year and that “China will face the member states of the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks with an open attitude, as well as other regional or cross-region FTA initiatives.”

President Obama’s fascination with intertwining the economic welfare of the United States with China is perhaps one reason a recent commentator called the TPP “another disaster from a proven liar.”

Perhaps it is this sinister ulterior motive that has prompted the president to steadfastly protect the secrecy that has shrouded the drafting of the TPP treaty from the beginning.

In November 2013, portions of the TPP draft agreement published by WikiLeaks contained sketches of President Obama’s plans to surrender American sovereignty to international tribunals. This is just one of many frightening provisions of the TPP that are being negotiated in secret by American and international trade representatives.

U.S. copyright laws, Internet freedom, and web-based publishing would all be obliterated by the TPP, and, although it hasn’t been widely reported, the TPP would give the global government sweeping surveillance powers, as well.

Although the American people (and the people of all nations involved in the pact) are prevented from seeing or commenting on the treaty being ostensibly negotiated on their behalf, multinational corporations have seats at the trading table.

While the TPP grants corporate giants such as Walmart and Monsanto the power to bypass Congress and the courts, the elected representatives of the American people are kept from even seeing the draft version of the agreement.

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