Obama Considers Military Cooperation with Iran Terror Regime

By:  Alex Newman
Obama Considers Military Cooperation with Iran Terror Regime

The Obama administration is openly considering U.S. military cooperation with the Iranian regime to prop up Tehran's ally in Baghdad.

Under the guise of beating back Sunni jihadists in Iraq who are benefiting from Obama’s “regime-change” policies in Syria, the administration is openly considering U.S. military cooperation with the Iranian regime to prop up Tehran’s ally in Baghdad. Neoconservative U.S. lawmakers are pushing the wild idea, too. Ironically, perhaps, the Assad regime’s Syrian warplanes, using intelligence supplied by Iran, have reportedly been pounding the hardline Sunni Islamist forces that seized control over wide swaths of Iraq in recent days. In other words, U.S. foreign policy in Iraq is now aligned with the regimes in Syria and Iran — the same officially listed “state sponsors of terror” that the Washington, D.C., establishment has been seeking to overthrow for years as part of the “axis of evil.”

Already, the chief of Iran’s feared Quds military force and thousands of Iranian troops are in Iraq working to stop the quick advance of the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The radical Sunni jihadist group, of course, has been among the many barbaric beneficiaries of massive assistance from the U.S. government and its Sunni Arab and European allies in Syria — part of the failing effort to depose Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Obama, meanwhile, announced the deployment of several hundred U.S. troops to Baghdad, supposedly to help provide security at the American embassy from ISIS militants. He also claimed the administration would not put “boots on the ground” in the latest civil war.

Separately, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry suggested military cooperation with the theocracy in Tehran was a very real possibility. As part of the supposed effort to beat back the fresh insurgency running wild in Iraq, Obama and the Iranian Mullahs apparently have “shared interests.” When asked in an interview with Yahoo News whether the administration would cooperate with Iran in Iraq, Kerry said: “We need to go step-by-step and see what in fact might be a reality, but I would not rule out anything that would be constructive in providing real stability.” There is a good chance of open cooperation between the two governments and militaries, he suggested.

“We're open to discussions if there is something constructive that can be contributed by Iran, if Iran is prepared to do something that is going to respect the integrity and sovereignty of Iraq and ability of the government to reform,” Kerry added in the interview, apparently oblivious to the cruel irony — and perhaps ridiculousness or even criminality — of the unfolding U.S. foreign policy disaster in the Middle East. After Kerry’s comments, a Pentagon spokesman was quick to deny that there are plans in place to work with Iran on Iraq.

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