The NRA's Inconsistent Message of Liberty

By:  Bob Confer
The NRA's Inconsistent Message of Liberty

Sometimes the best friends of the liberty movement are its worst enemies.

Sometimes the best friends of the liberty movement are its worst enemies.

This problem is most realized through organizations and people who are single-issue oriented. Quite often those who fight for the freedom of speech, parents’ rights, the Fourth Amendment and more call for the sacrifice of other rights in order to strengthen and/or maintain the rights that they deem most important.

This has been made grossly evident again over the past week and a half during which the protectors of the Second Amendment — the National Rifle Association (NRA) — have offered solutions to the societal issues that led to the Newtown massacre and could lead to more public bloodbaths in the future. Among their cures for such situations is the deployment of armed guards on secondary school campuses.

Putting armed guards on school grounds does not offer a direct threat to the rights of the individual. It does, though, offer a secondary effect in that it indoctrinates Americans to an ever-present police state.

As it stands now, seemingly intelligent adults have been conditioned to sacrifice liberty (and the Fourth Amendment) for alleged safety at the airports, and, through that, a majority of Americans willingly subject themselves to sexual assault at the hands of TSA agents. Now, think of how their children will be conditioned to seeing that in their travels and armed government agents roaming the halls of their schools and how they will come to accept as the norm such overreaching babysitting by Big Brother — all the while being exposed to revisionist history in their classrooms that condones such anti-Americanism.

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