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Fight Real ID

Campaign Tools and Resources

Real ID State Legislation Database, National Conference of State Legislatures, a valuable, up-to-date resource for the anti-Real ID bills passed by individual states in recent years.

Legislators Against Real ID (L.A.R.I.). This website provides a state-by-state status map; however updates appear to stop in mid-2007.

Stop RealID! Organized by Virginians to stop Real ID in their state. A coalition including Campaign for Liberty, Gun Owners of America, Virginia Gun Owners, Restore the Republic, among other organizations, has organized to repeal Real ID in Virginia.

"Anti-Real ID Legislation in the States." An up-to-date state-by-state map for the current status of anti-Real ID legislation among the states. This map is part of, a website maintained by the ACLU (yes, I know).

"REAL ID IMPLEMENTATION REVIEW: FEW BENEFITS, STAGGERING COSTS," Electronic Privacy Information Center, May, 2008 (38 pp. PDF).

Related Articles

Real ID / RFID Enhanced Border Passport Cards Available Now...
Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was handing out "extensions" to all 50 states, including those that refused to comply with federal deadlines, for upgrading their driver licenses to Real ID security requirements.

TOP 10 Reasons for Rejecting Dangerous ID (the so-called Real ID scam)
10. It will cost the states (i.e. the taxpayers) too much money!

National ID Card Schemes - A Quick Recap
There are plenty of those in positions of authority in government and in positions of influence in the private sector who want all citizens registered with biometric identifiers in a central database.

Central ID Database Concept Flawed
The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), a non-profit public policy group dedicated to developing and implementing public policies to preserve "free expression, privacy, open access, and other democratic values" on the Internet, believes the Real ID should be revisited. The group's staff attorney, Sophia Cope wrote, "The security risks of a central ID database are enormous."

Homeland Security Dictates Driver's License Requirements to States
The news was not unexpected, since it stems from a so-called "secure ID initiative" that Congress approved in 2005. When the The REAL ID Act first came before Congress in that year, Rep. Ron Paul (R.-Texas) warned that the legislation would impel a further shift of power from states to the federal government and greatly impact the personal freedoms of U.S. citizens.

Chertoff to Punish States That Won’t Get on the Real ID Act Bandwagon
In a real show of defiance, more than half the nation’s states have passed or proposed legislation opposing the Real ID plan in some way or another. This plan requires issuing new federal driver’s licenses for all drivers by the year 2013, and would link state driver’s license databases in one huge federal database.

South Carolina Rejects Real ID Act
Building on its tradition of being at the forefront in the resistance against tyranny, the state of South Carolina passed this month perhaps the strongest legislation yet against the federal government's Real ID Act.

National ID Whether We Like It Or Not?
Dozens of states have introduced legislation that opposes the REAL ID Act, but the federal government is moving forward anyway to implement the bill's mandates.

Robert Pastor on the Real ID Antidote - Americanists Beware
Robert Pastor, author of the CFR task force report Building a North American Community, explains why the Real ID is the solution to the illegal immigration problem in the US.


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