Join a Meetup


If you are serious about preserving your freedom under the Constitution, join or organize a Freedom Campaign group (Meetup, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, etc). Help create sufficient grassroots pressure to make Congress constitutional.

  • Find and join your nearest Freedom Campaign group at under “Find a Local Group.”
  • If you have a statewide Meetup for your state, be sure to join it in order to network with others in your state to work on state as well as national legislative issues.
  • If you don’t have a local or statewide group, you can organize a local one. Go to and click on “Start a Meetup.” This will automatically assign your group with a “JBS” URL and fill in your purpose statement with our standard Freedom Campaign purpose.
  • Once you’ve organized a local Freedom Campaign Meetup, go to and apply for membership in our Freedom Campaign Meetup Alliance. Membership in our Alliance provides leadership on campaign projects and national networking for all the local Meetup Organizers and provides a national directory of Meetups for interested people.
  • The Freedom Campaign Headlines blog at provides overall direction for all the Freedom Campaign groups as we work together to make Congress constitutional.
  • Be sure to register at to get the benefits of online membership including email legislative alerts.
  • We recommend that you also register at our forum at in order to network with like-minded, freedom-loving, constitutionalists throughout our nation and beyond.

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