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Brief Update, January 23, 2009

When Hillary Clinton was questioned by a Senate committee as part of the confirmation process to become Secretary of State earlier this month, she strongly endorsed ratification of LOST. Other leading Democrats in the Senate have also recently endorsed LOST. There will be one or more hearings about LOST, then a ratification vote by the Senate. The forces promoting ratification are bi-partisan and very powerful. Thus, ratification is highly likely. However, ratification of LOST is also highly undesirable. Ratification by the United States would be the final step in turning over to the UN control over everything that happens over, on, and under the world's oceans and seas. Everything! Military uses included.

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LOST and Found: Senate Moves Toward Ratification of U.N.'s 'Law of the Sea Treaty.' "The Senate is gearing up to ratify a decades-old U.N. treaty that critics warn could create a massive U.N. bureaucracy that could even claim powers over American waterways.", March 12, 2009.

Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty Would Give the UN Control Over Everything About the Oceans
The Senate is poised to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), which would give total regulatory jurisdiction over the world’s oceans and seas to a United Nations body, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Foreign Relations Committee Approves LOST
The U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations voted to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) on Wednesday, October 31, by a vote of 17-4.

LOST Ratification Tentatively Scheduled Before Year's End
"The assault on our national sovereignty" writes CNN's Lou Dobbs, continues "at a time when public approval of the White House and Congress is near historic lows."

Russia Moves to Bolster Claims to Arctic’s Mineral Wealth
Russia would apparently have the world believe that its feat was mainly a technical achievement, like climbing Mount Everest or landing on the moon, with its goal the peaceful advancement of "scientific research." But Russia’s rhetoric fools no one. The only "science" Russia has in mind is exploiting the oil and natural gas deposits under the polar seabed.

Is the U.S. Senate Willing to Torpedo the Law of the Sea Treaty?
Back in the 1970s, the United Nations launched its plan for a global program of taxation. The objective was the transfer of wealth and technology from the developed world to the Third World, under the direction of the UN. A cornerstone of this international wealth transfer scheme was the so-called "Law of the Sea Treaty" (LOST).

Lost Treasure and LOST
Will future American treasure hunters be forced to hand over millions of dollars in gold and silver coins to the UN?

President Bush Wants Law of the Sea Treaty Ratified
Adding more weight to charges that he has abandoned any claim to being a "compassionate conservative," President Bush has called on the Senate to ratify the dangerous Law of the Sea Treaty.

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