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Stop the NAU

Campaign Tools and Resources

For campaign tools and resources, click here and scroll down to "Block the NAU (North American Union)."

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Trans-Texas Corridor Born Again As “Innovative Connectivity Plan”
Declared dead by TxDOT Executive Director Amadeo Saenz and Governor Rick Perry on Tuesday, January 6, the Trans-Texas Corridor was then immediately born again — under an assumed name.

Canada Poised to Affiliate With the European Union
The people of Canada are discovering that their nation’s leader and other top elected officials in the provinces are working on a massive agreement that will integrate Canada’s economy with the 27 nations of the European Union.

Remember that NAU-Thing? You Know, the Myth, the Urban Legend?
Fox News candidly reports on the North American Union, but wraps up the story with all the seriousness of a sports news weekend score summary or weather forecast.

Admitted: Marshall Plan objective was to create European Union
With a hat-tip to the Cambridge Clarion in the UK, we learn that within a 1995 BBC documentary, Animation Nation, there is a prominent admission that the primary objective of the Marshall Plan was to create a European common market leading to what has become the European Union.

U.S., Canadian, Mexican Integration via Environmental Commitment
For those who think the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) or North American Union (NAU) merger plans are in decline, here’s evidence of a renewed commitment based on concerns about the environment.

The North American Union Process Is Alive and Well
The latest development in the NAU process was discussion of integrating the militaries of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada on June 16 at the North American Forum in Washington, DC. Click here for a three-minute video clip of Lou Dobbs' coverage of this news.

North American Union "Paranoid Fantasies"
“It's time to call BS on the idea of a mythical North American Union,” stated the progressives at Alternet. Authors Rocha and Anderson, from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), must have worn their thesaurus out in writing this latest hit piece.

Birching Congress on the North American Union
Members of the John Birch Society around the nation have worked hard to warn their fellow citizens, and  legislators at the local, state, and national levels, of the danger posed by the effort to build a North American Union. Those living within a day's round-trip drive of Washington, DC are lucky enough to be able to personally deliver timely and important informtion on this and other subjects directly to members of Congress.

Conspiracy Deniers Delight In Their Attempt to Debunk the Obvious
The Boston Globe's Drake Bennett provided many facts that have led to the conclusion that a conspiracy designed to merge the three nations of North America actually exists. But even though he offered some evidence that it does exist, he confidently told his readers that "there is no such thing" as the plot being pointed to by many. In other words, we should continue to trust our leaders who have nothing but our best interests at heart.

More Evidence of North American Merger
The Hudson Institute, a Washington think tank, recently released a report acknowledging that the Bush administration is using the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) to integrate the United States, Canada, and Mexico and that it is doing so without congressional approval or oversight. The fact that the report is pro-SPP makes its admissions all the more significant.

The North American Union: Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact?
Those who question the motives, activities, and goals of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) are belittled as "conspiracy theorists" or worse. But if there is nothing to worry about, then why are the SPP meetings so secretive, staged in remote venues, and isolated from the media?

The Reality of Canadian Planning for the NAFTA Superhighway
At a press conference at the SPP Summit on August 21, the "Three Amigos" laughed off any notion that a North American Union and a NAFTA Superhighway are being planned and developed (transcript and video). Later the same day a FoxNews panel laughed off the same ideas with one of the panelists comparing concern over a North American Union with belief that Elvis is still alive (transcript; video).

An Open Letter To Seattle Times Columnist Bruce Ramsey
Seattle Times columnist Bruce Ramsey took a shot at the John Birch Society on August 22 saying that the Society has been guilty of exaggerating the threat to American sovereignty posed by secretive plans for a North American Union. The Society's concerns, he says, are "fantasies." We beg to differ.

McManus: Building an EU for the Western Hemisphere
The leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico will issue emphatic denials but the hidden motive propelling them in creating the Security and Prosperity Partnership is to advance one step closer to the centuries-old goal of a world government known as the New World Order.

Montebello: Stop on the Road to North American Union?
According to Canada's National Post, the outcome of the Montebello summit will be drab, boring, and forgetable. "Despite all the fancy talk, the diplomatic pomp and the apocalyptic protests that will emanate over the next two days from Montebello, Que., the drab facts behind the summit of leaders from Canada, the United States and Mexico are far less dramatic than the grandiose meeting might suggest," announces the report by Richard Foot of the CanWest News Service.


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