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Freedom Campaign - November 2010

by Larry Greenley, Director of Marketing

Take Action Now!
STOP A Con-Con & STOP ObamaCare
We urgently need our members and allies to work on both of these high priority initiatives effective immediately after the November 2 elections. Both of these initiatives are focused on the state level, so that will make it all the easier to work on both campaigns at once.

Choose Freedom — STOP A Con-Con!
As our veteran members know, we’ve been fighting against the calling of a constitutional convention (Con-Con) for about 30 years now. And, we’ve been highly successful. Nonetheless, 2011 will be an entirely new situation. Instead of critical Con-Con fights being isolated to one or a few states at a time, this time we’ll be facing a tsunami of Con-Con resolutions in all 50 states and all hitting in January 2011. Basically, the same forces that promoted a Con-Con in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s are back, but this time greatly augmented by huge numbers of “newly awakened” members of the Tea Party movement. In addition, there are several constitutionalist authors and several new organizations that have given new life to the pro Con-Con movement.

The good news about the Tea Party movement has been its emphasis on limiting the federal government under the enumerated powers of the Constitution and restoring those powers that are reserved to the states or the people under the Tenth Amendment. The bad news is that the idea of calling a Con-Con appears to many to be just one more constitutional tool for restoring the proper balance between the federal government and state governments. This time around we’re in for an incredibly tough fight to preserve the Constitution, a fight we can’t afford to lose.

Although state legislatures will begin their sessions in early January, resolution drafting and pre-filing will be happening in November and December. You need to be in personal contact with key state legislators during these critical two months to build resistance to all of the new Con-Con call resolutions that will be introduced in most, if not all, states early in 2011. If your state hasn’t already rescinded all of its existing Con-Con calls, work with your state legislators to draft (using our model resolution), pre-file, and introduce a resolution to rescind all of your state’s previous Con-Con calls.

To help you in this fight we’ve launched a new “Choose Freedom — STOP A Con-Con” web page on at You’ll find tools there to: “Learn More”; “Tell Others”; and “Take Action.”

We recommend that you use our Beware of Article V video (available free to view online, as a DVD, and as an audio CD), our “Dangers of a Constitutional Convention” reprint, and (where appropriate) our “Model Resolution for a State Legislature to Rescind All Constitutional Convention Applications” for your initial educational efforts with your state legislators.

Choose Freedom — STOP ObamaCare!
You also need to be in personal contact with key legislators in November and December to establish sponsors for an act to nullify the entire ObamaCare law and to get this act drafted (using our model nullification act), pre-filed, and ready for introduction as soon as possible in 2011.

Don’t be fooled by all of the news about nullification legislation already being considered by over 30 states. That’s just based on nullification of the Individual Mandate provision of ObamaCare, which amounts to only a tiny segment of ObamaCare. Even if the Individual Mandate were to be totally repealed and stripped out of the healthcare reform law, the remaining, mammoth regulatory bureaucracy would be more than adequate to accomplish a complete government takeover of our healthcare system. We need state nullification of the entire ObamaCare law! Read “Nullify the Entire ObamaCare Law!” on page eight in the October Bulletin for more information.

Action Summary

  • Take action in November and December to prepare your state legislators to fend off the powerful, new Con-Con drives, and where appropriate, to introduce a resolution to rescind all existing Con-Con calls in your state. Tools at
  • Take action in November and December to get an act to nullify the entire ObamaCare law introduced in your state. Tools at
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