Freedom Campaign - September 2010

by Larry Greenley, Director of Marketing

Choose Freedom!

Don’t bother me. I have a job to do to preserve the freedom of the United States for my children — and yours.   

The John Birch Society Bulletin, September 1960

Fifty years ago this month Robert Welch characterized the singleminded attitude of our members at that time with the above words. Since we live in such a sea of distractions today, now more than ever we must remember that we “have a job to do to preserve the freedom of the United States.”

One of the main strengths of the Society is that we don’t fritter away our resources by working on too many campaign projects at once. Currently, two of our most important initiatives are stopping ObamaCare and stopping a constitutional convention.

STOP ObamaCare!

Refer to Director of Field Activities Jim Fitzgerald’s Recruiting column and the ad on pages 4 and 5 in the August Bulletin for a detailed listing of tools, speaker tours, and projects for use in building the grassroots movement and then taking action to stop ObamaCare.

Read Bill Jasper’s excellent article, “Repealing ObamaCare,” in the August 16 issue of The New American for a comprehensive report on the current status of congressional repeal and state nullification efforts to stop ObamaCare. Bill concludes with specific directions for taking action:

  • Urge your Representative to support Rep. King’s H.R. 4972 to repeal ObamaCare and to support his discharge petition.
  • Urge your Representative to support Rep. Paul’s H.R. 5444, “The Private Option Health Care Reform Act.”
  • Urge your state legislators to introduce, and your Governor to support, state legislation to nullify ObamaCare.
  • Ask all candidates for the House and Senate, as well as for your state legislative and gubernatorial races, to commit themselves to a public stand in favor of repealing or nullifying ObamaCare.
  • For an easy way to email your federal and state legislators regarding the above action requests, go to and click on “Legislative Action” under the “Action” menu item.

STOP a Con-Con!

We are now facing a reinvigorated movement to bring about a constitutional convention (con-con). The same forces that worked hard to bring about a con-con in the 1980s and 90s are coalescing with some newcomers to provide a formidable, new con-con threat in 2011.

With all of the revival of states’ rights, the Tenth Amendment, and state nullification of federal laws it’s easy to see how calling for an Article V constitutional convention could be considered to be in the same vein. Although all of these are constitutionally valid ways for states to exert their rights vis-a-vis the federal government, calling for a con-con is not advisable, as we have explained in this Bulletin many times before. View our Beware of Article V video (view on and buy DVD at and read my article, “Dangers of a Constitutional Convention” in the July 6, 2009 issue of The New American (read on and buy reprint at

Although we had a setback in April this year when Florida issued a new con-con call based on a balanced budget amendment (BBA), we enjoyed a couple successes when New Hampshire and Tennessee rescinded all of their previous con-con calls. Even though Florida issued a new con-con call this year, the total number of states that have issued a BBA con-con call remains at 32 because Florida had already made a BBA con-con call many years ago, then rescinded in 1988. Of course, these 32 states are offset by the 15 states that have already rescinded all of their con-con calls.

In light of the situation of several new groups that are launching national campaigns to convince state legislators to issue calls for a constitutional convention to consider one, several, or even 10 amendments, right after the November elections we need to begin contacting and convincing all of the state legislators in every state to resist the new drives for a constitutional convention.

We have a job to do to preserve our freedom under the Constitution of the United States!


  • Work toward congressional repeal and state nullification of ObamaCare;*
  • Convince sufficient numbers of state legislators in all states to view our Beware of Article V video and read our “Dangers of a Constitutional Convention” reprint in order to defeat the new pro con-con movements.*

*Easy-to-use emails are available to supplement personal visits and phone calls by clicking on “Legislative Action” under the “Action” menu item at

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