Abduction of Prime Minister Highlights Obama’s Libya Fiasco

By:  Alex Newman
Abduction of Prime Minister Highlights Obama’s Libya Fiasco

The kidnapping of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan highlights Obama’s "regime change" fiasco.

The brazen kidnapping of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan (shown in photo) last week by armed militants reportedly affiliated with his own regime exposed a number of important truths about the reality in today’s “liberated” Libya. Among the most important is the now-obvious fact that in its zeal for “regime change,” the Obama administration and other foreign powers empowered another monster — the very same Islamic extremists who supposedly justified a decade of U.S. government terror-war schemes around the world.

During the so-called “war on terror,” the U.S. government even partnered with now-slain Libyan despot Moammar Gadhafi to hunt for Islamic militants affiliated with al-Qaeda. In addition to their anti-Western fanaticism, the jihadists also loathed secular despots. Suddenly, in early 2011, those same terror-war targets became NATO allies, receiving air support, weapons, money, international backing, and more. Obama even defied the Constitution and Congress to launch an unconstitutional war ensuring their victory against the U.S. government’s former ally. 

Now, the fruits of that lawless war are becoming increasingly apparent to the world — impossible to ignore, in fact. Those very same jihadists, including al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, whom American taxpayers spent trillions to fight against — not to mention thousands of U.S. soldiers’ lives — literally run the show in the new, chaos-ravaged Libya. Prime Minister Zeidan’s stunning abduction is only the most recent damning evidence confirming that to the world. 

As The New American reported just weeks ago, Libya remains in total chaos following the Obama administration’s “humanitarian” war on the country’s former regime. Consider: A U.S. ambassador and other Americans are dead, sensitive American military equipment was recently stolen, multiple tribal conflicts are raging, arms from the war are boosting Islamists across the region, oil production has all but come to a halt, and savagery still reigns alongside sharia law in Libya under the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated central government.

In his “Statement by the President on the Declaration of Liberation in Libya,” Obama declared almost two years ago that the Libyan people could now celebrate “the beginning of a new era of promise.” After leaving the country in ruins, and without permission from Congress, Obama claimed he would work with the United Nations to bring stability and peace to Libya now that there was “freedom.” The establishment media left it at that — Libya was now “free” thanks to Obama and unconstitutional war.  

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Photo of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan: AP Images

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