Andrew Cuomo: An Extreme Statement From an Extreme Man

By:  Selwyn Duke
Andrew Cuomo: An Extreme Statement From an Extreme Man

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently said that "extreme conservatives" had no place in New York. But what is true extremism and who are the true extremists? And would we rather be radical or wrong?

God’s moderation is man’s extremism. This occurs to me when considering the remarks recently made by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As you may know, the governor addressed a Republican schism while a guest on the New York Public Broadcasting radio show “The Capitol Pressroom” and said, “Extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay ... have no place in the state of New York — because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” And many observers think that this reveals who Cuomo really is.

In fairness, it appeared as if Cuomo was referring to how such individuals had no place in Empire State politics because they don’t have the votes in New York to carry the day. So while other commentators are busy condemning the governor for being, as late radio legend Bob Grant used to call Cuomo’s father, “Il Duce” (which does truly characterize him), there is so much more that can be said about Cuomo the Younger’s impolitic remarks.  

First, everything Cuomo does must be interpreted within the context of his apparent 2016 presidential ambitions. They are why he visibly pushed radical pro-abortion legislation last year and signed the “SAFE Act” anti-Second Amendment law, and it may explain why he would say that “extreme conservatives” have no place in New York: He is positioning himself as Mr. Progressive-on-steroids in preparation for the Democratic primaries. As to this, I have a New York message for Cuomo.

Fuggedaboutit, pal!

You haven’t got a chance.

Not if Hillary Clinton or a minority is running, anyway. This is because of something I long ago dubbed “cultural affirmative action,” which is the phenomenon whereby everyday people, often reflexively and unconsciously, advantage women and minorities simply because of the latter’s association with “victim” groups. This factor is why 2008 polling showed that, despite “Bradley Effect” propaganda, Barack Obama’s race was actually an advantage at the ballot box.

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