Alex Newman

Alex Newman

Rev. Jesse Lee PetersonRev. Jesse Lee Peterson spent his early years in Alabama with his grandparents, plantation workers on the same plantation that their forefathers toiled on as slaves. He still remembers the “whites only” and “coloreds only” signs that separated the races back then. And at a young age, his parents split up and moved away. But he isn’t angry anymore.

Instead of hating whites or America for the circumstances he was born into, Rev. Peterson wants to “unite the races” and “stand up for the greatest country in the world,” he told in a telephone interview. “Not one time did I hear my grandparents telling us that we should hate white Americans. They said ‘treat people the way you’d like to be treated, work hard, and you can make it in this country.’”

eminent domain After a barrage of bad press for city authorities, a 94-year-old Wisconsin farmer in Oak Creek finally won a long eminent domain battle with officials trying to seize his property for corporate interests. But despite the recent victory, big government is not done with Earl Giefer just yet.

“It ain’t over … They’re not going to give up,” Giefer told The Daily Reporter after the city gave up on its plan to seize his property by declaring it blighted. “They’re going to make things so miserable for me that I can’t stand it.”

Tim ComerfordThanks to the dedication of John Birch Society members and freedom-loving statesmen in New Hampshire, the state officially rescinded all past calls for a federal Constitutional Convention after a decades-long fight to educate legislators about the dangers.

Using materials such as Larry Greenley’s 2009 article for The New American magazine entitled "Dangers of a Constitutional Convention," a JBS DVD called "Beware of Article V," and a model resolution available on, Birchers spread information and testified at committee hearings to highlight the enormous risks of a “con-con.” And this time around, they were successful.

China stealing secrets from U.S. Several individuals working for the People’s Republic of China were convicted in federal court this month, proving yet again that the communist regime has unleashed swarms of agents to gather the sensitive secrets and technology of American business, military and government. But despite the enormity of the problem, there has been very little coverage in the press.  

Last week, a federal jury in Massachusetts convicted Chinese nationals Zhen Zhou Wu and Yufeng Wei of conspiracy, illegally exporting prohibited technological equipment to various Chinese military outfits, and several other crimes. The pair used Chitron Electronics Inc., a U.S. corporation which was also found guilty at trial, to acquire the electronics and ship them to the regime through Hong Kong.

Senator Frank Lautenberg and gun rightsJudging from the hysteria of certain Senators and their lapdogs in the press, one might be justified in thinking that evil terrorists were all just walking down to the corner shop to legally purchase AK-47s and explosives. But the facts beg to differ.

Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and several cohorts recently stirred up a firestorm of controversy by attempting to exploit fears of terrorism in a blatant attack on due process and the right to keep and bear arms. Gun-rights groups from the National Rifle Association and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to Gun Owners of America all blasted his anti-constitutional legislation when versions were first proposed years ago. But unfortunately, he refuses to let it die.

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