Bilderberg Protesters Slam World Order, War, and More

By:  Alex Newman
Bilderberg Protesters Slam World Order, War, and More

COPENHAGEN — Legions of “small people” gathered outside to protest everything from the “New World Order” and globalism to never-ending war and alleged depopulation schemes.

Following the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP boss and Bilderberg attendee Carl-Henric Svanberg infamously claimed to “care about the small people.” It was a mistranslation from his native Swedish, but maybe he did care about the common man. At this year’s annual Bilderberg gathering of top-level globalists, however, there was little evidence to suggest that Svanberg or any of his cohorts at the summit gave a single hoot about the legions of “small people” gathered outside to protest everything from the “New World Order” and globalism to never-ending war and alleged depopulation schemes. Instead, unidentified men — presumably “security” of some sort — peered down on the fenced-in demonstrators from the roof through what appeared to be telescopes and binoculars.

Bilderberg protesters, mostly from Denmark and Northern Europe, first assembled outside the Marriott in Copenhagen on Thursday, May 26. They came from multiple countries, spoke more than a few languages, and had significantly divergent views when it comes to politics and what the world ought to look like. Libertarians, liberals, and conservatives were all represented, and some of the demonstrators were especially concerned about one subject or another in particular — the global government described by some Bilderberg attendees as the “New World Order,” genetically engineered food, war, government spying, or “chemtrails,” for example.   

On at least one point, though, they were all united: More than a hundred of the top globalists or their senior-level minions have no right to meet in secret with supposed public “servants” to plot humanity’s future. Especially outrageous to many of the demonstrators — including an Italian lawmaker seeking to stop it all — is the attendance of top elected or appointed government functionaries who hold positions of public trust and are paid by taxpayers. In the United States, the Logan Act actually makes it a felony for American officials to secretly work on policy with any agent of a foreign government without prior approval.

Many of the protesters who descended on Copenhagen over the weekend came with homemade signs and messages decrying Bilderberg. Some used profanity to express their point, while others went for a more reserved approach. All over the area of downtown where the controversial summit was held, pedestrians were treated to messages on the sidewalk written with chalk. “We are not your property,” read one message scrawled just outside the Marriott hotel on a crosswalk. “We are free. No world order. Bilderberg go home.” Similar messages in various colors could be found blocks away from the summit, too. 

Inside the fenced-in pen across the street from the hotel to contain protesters and journalists, meanwhile, was a wide assortment of banners and flags. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” read one particularly large banner, which appeared to have been professionally produced. The same banner also gave a list of “Danish Bilderberg puppets hired to execute the agenda of the New World Order,” which read like a who’s who of the Danish political, corporate, EU, and military establishment. Also listed on the banner in small circles surrounding the bigger “The Roundtable Group” were an assortment of globalist outfits such as the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, Bilderberg, and more. A placard, clearly homemade, offered large pictures of the “Danish Bilderberg Cartel” with their names underneath and a reference to a lobbying scandal.     

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Photo of protesters outside Bilderberg conference: The New American (Alex Newman)

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