Bilderberg Summit Virtually Ignored by Media Propagandists

By:  Alex Newman
Bilderberg Summit Virtually Ignored by Media Propagandists

COPENHAGEN — If 120 to 150 celebrities were gathered at a hotel for a private three-day meeting, there would be no end to the media coverage, analysis, pictures, manufactured scandals, and ridiculous hype. Supposed “journalists” would have a field day.

Just this weekend, about that many top globalists, whose decisions collectively affect the lives of virtually every person on the planet, gathered for the Bilderberg summit in the Danish capital. Establishment media outfits such as CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and others, however, were nowhere to be found.

The deafening lack of press coverage surrounding what many analysts say is perhaps one of the most important meetings of the year was not due to a lack of information about Bilderberg. This magazine and numerous reporters for alternative media outlets in the United States and Europe were there covering the summit. The Danish press was there, too, as were a handful of reporters for major European newspapers. A few government-funded media outlets from Russia, China, Iran, and other nations also reported on the summit. In the increasingly discredited and wildly mischaracterized American “mainstream” media, though, scarcely a word appeared about Bilderberg.

Incredibly, in attendance at the secrecy-obsessed gathering of globalists were numerous high-powered media executives and supposed “journalists” — from editors and publishers of major publications to influential columnists and corporate media magnates. All of them were mingling with over 100 figures representing the upper echelons of banking, politics, the Internet, business, war, government, foreign policy, the EU, NATO, military, spying, royalty, the Chinese Communist Party, and more. Naïve readers and viewers, though — for reasons that remain unclear, one in five Americans still trust the establishment media to keep them informed — were none the wiser.

Journalists, of course, are supposed to seek truth and do their best to share it with the public — at least that is how members of the profession like to view themselves. Among the “media” bosses in attendance at this year’s Bilderberg summit, however, traditional journalistic ethics and motivations were apparently in short supply. As of Monday, the day after the Bilderberg summit’s conclusion, it did not seem like any of the establishment media bigwigs in attendance, or their “news” outlets, had reported anything about the gathering.

Media attendees at the 2014 summit included the Economist magazine's editor-in-chief John Micklethwait, chief economics commentator Martin Wolf with The Financial Times, political editor-in-chief Tove Lifvendahl for one of Sweden’s top newspapers, senior columnist Cengiz Çandar with Al Monitor and Radika, Austrian newspaper Der Standard publisher Oscar Bronner, editor-in-chief Monica Maggioni with Italy’s Rainews24 and RAI TV, French paper Le Monde executive editor Natalie Nougayrède, and more. Their audiences may never learn what was discussed or even that the summit took place.

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