Exposing the Con Game of Man-made Climate Change

By:  T. Dan Tolleson
Exposing the Con Game of Man-made Climate Change

Once a belief such as human-caused climate change gains a critical mass of believers, it is difficult to stamp out — even when it’s clearly wrong. This book aims to change the belief of everyday people.

The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania, by Steve Goreham, New Lenox, Illinois: New Lenox Books, 2012, 301 pages, softcover.

With today’s media drumbeat of impending catastrophes triggered by man’s destructive effects on our climate, Steve Goreham’s latest book certainly does add cognitive dissonance to the public square. This book forthrightly exposes the lack of scientific evidence for what Goreham calls the ideology of “Climatism” — the hypothesis of dangerous man-made climate change — with which Climatists try to justify all of their urgently promoted, but demonstrably misguided, policy initiatives.

After illustrating the worldwide extent of Climatism in the first two chapters of The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism, Goreham soundly demonstrates that there is no scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis of dangerous man-made climate change. And therefore, climate change is not the existential threat to life on Earth, as fanatical proponents of Climatism want you to believe. But that’s not all — in subsequent chapters, Goreham shows that the entire, fantastic structure of alleged consequences of man-made climate change is as flimsy as a house of cards, and that many opportunists promoting climate legislation have been profiting quite handsomely from the ideology of Climatism. With his straightforward and often humorous compilation of vital evidence exposing the flaws in Climatist arguments, Goreham, a scientist with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering, methodically dismantles Climatism, along with all the madness that Climatism has spawned.

Let’s start our analysis where Goreham examines the faulty hypothesis of Climatism: the idea that man-made CO2 dangerously influences the climate. It is true that water vapor, CO2, methane, and other trace gases are known to exert a “greenhouse” warming effect upon the Earth. However, as CO2 increases, its greenhouse effect diminishes logarithmically, so that increasing levels of CO2 have a diminishing warming effect. He uses analogy to make his point:

Just as adding more blankets to the first blanket on your bed provides a diminishing warming benefit, adding more CO2 to the atmosphere has a declining warming effect. Doubling of atmospheric CO2 from 280 parts per million to 560 parts per million, whether from natural or man-made causes, would by itself increase Earth’s surface temperature by only 1.2°C.

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