In Iraq, U.S. Foreign Policy and Obama’s “Rebels” Strike Again

By:  Alex Newman
In Iraq, U.S. Foreign Policy and Obama’s “Rebels” Strike Again

With the chaos and terror currently engulfing Iraq, American advocates of a non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy can once again — unfortunately — say “I told you so.”

The absurdity of Middle East policies pursued by the Bush and Obama administrations are once more on full display for the world to see. The fruits of variously backing dictators, deposing governments, arming terrorists, and putting U.S. forces all over the region are clear: death, destruction, instability, carnage, terrorism, extremism, murder, never-ending war, and more. Now, Obama wants to intervene in Iraq again — on the same side as the Iranian regime.

Over the last week, al-Qaeda-linked jihadists styling themselves the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIS) receiving weapons and taxpayer funding from the Obama administration in Syria have seized control in wide swaths of Iraq. The U.S.-backed regime in Baghdad, meanwhile, appears to be crumbling as its troops abandon their posts and their weapons. Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, is already firmly under jihadist control as ISIS troops push on towards Baghdad. Many analysts say the worst is probably yet to come.  

Of course, it may well be that the Middle East would be in chaos regardless of U.S. foreign policy. Still, thousands of American lives, countless Iraqi lives, and trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars were squandered to replace the Saddam Hussein regime — a monstrous former U.S. government ally that at least protected Christians — with a corrupt, sectarian, and incompetent Islamist regime apparently allied with the Iranian dictatorship. Now the current Baghdad regime may end up being replaced by a Taliban-style Sunni theocracy, at least if ISIS gets its way. While Iraq was virtually al-Qaeda free when Bush and his allies invaded, it is now being overrun by al-Qaeda.  

Instead of the peace, security, and “democracy” promised by the neoconservative interventionists who demanded an unconstitutional war on Iraq to enforce United Nations resolutions, the U.S. government created the opposite. In 2010, even Vice President Joe Biden said he was “very optimistic” about Iraq and that it “could be one of the great achievements of this administration.” It was not clear what sort of “achievement” Biden had in mind, but there should be no doubt that the Obama administration’s meddling in Syria directly contributed to the ongoing “achievements” by jihadist barbarians in Iraq.    

Today, the medieval-minded gaggle of U.S.-armed terrorists with a U.S. government-enabled safe-haven in Syria are close to imposing barbarism and even more extreme sharia law on the already terrorized population of Iraq. Rather than acknowledging that U.S. government interventionism has been worse than a failure, though, Obama is threatening to intervene militarily once again — at least if the regime in Baghdad does what Obama is demanding of it. As has happened so often before in Washington, D.C., “interventions,” the various factions in the latest eruption of war in Iraq have all been armed courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. More U.S. intervention would only make it worse.    

Incredibly, in light of the tragic track record of globalist “liberations,” some of the most extreme neoconservatives are even claiming that not enough U.S. government intervention in Iraq is responsible for the current situation. Both Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), for example, are among the coterie of radical neocons who never met a war they did not want your kids to fight. Now, they are again banging the war drums and calling for more U.S. intervention in Iraq. It was not clear whether they thought Obama should defy the Constitution to intervene, or ask Congress, which must declare war, before becoming more deeply involved again.

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Photo of President Obama: AP Images

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