In "Reid World," the Border Is Secure

By:  Jack Kenny
In "Reid World," the Border Is Secure

Ted Cruz and Harry Reid are not necessarily the best of friends, but the junior senator from Texas did invite the Senate Majority Leader to visit him in the Lone Star State and join him for a sightseeing trip to the Mexican border.

"Harry Reid lives in the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C.," Cruz, a first-term Republican, said on Fox News Sunday after hearing the Nevada Democrat declare that the border with Mexico is secure. "And I'm sure from his perspective, the border seems secure." Cruz then offered his Senate colleague a closer look.

"I would invite Harry Reid to come with me down to Texas and see the border," Cruz said  "On the border, we are seeing the opposite of following the law. The border is not secured; 90,000 children are expected to come into this country illegally this year and Harry Reid says the border is secure?"

But why would Harry Reid want to go to Texas to see the facts on the ground? At the Ritz-Carlton or on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Reid lives and works in an insular world where he defines his own reality and makes his own law. The border is secure because Harry Reid has declared it so. He speaks with authority, and not as the Senate Republicans. 

"With his strong-armed change to the filibuster rule and an iron-fisted control of the Senate floor, Senator Harry Reid has engaged in the greatest consolidation of congressional power since Newt Gingrich ruled the House," the New York Times reported early this year. Reid has railed about House Republicans refusing to take up the Senate-passed immigration reform bill. Indeed, he has done such an effective job of excoriating Republicans for delaying and obstructing legislation that the major news media rarely take note of how Reid has used the arcane rules of the Senate to deep-six bills that have bipartisan support. Approval of construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and an amendment to repeal the ObamaCare tax on medical devices are among the legislative initiatives that Reid has prevented from coming to the Senate floor for a vote.

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