Lawsuit: Colo. Agency Illegally Funneled $14M to Abortion Provider

By:  Dave Bohon
Lawsuit: Colo. Agency Illegally Funneled $14M to Abortion Provider

Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit contending that Colorado illegally funneled $14 million to Planned Parenthood's state abortion provider.

A conservative legal advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against the state of Colorado, contending that state officials illegally funneled millions in tax dollars to a Planned Parenthood abortion provider. According to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which filed the suit on behalf of Jane Norton, the former head of Colorado’s Department for Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE), officials with the CDPHE authorized the payment of some $14 million to Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood and its affiliate, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Services Corporation, in violation of a 1984 voter-approved constitutional amendment which banned funds from going to abortion providers.

The ADF noted that in 1986 pro-abortion forces introduced an initiative to overturn the Abortion Funding Prohibition Amendment, but voters rejected the effort, demonstrating a solid backing for pro-life ideals among Colorado voters. As head of CDPHE, Norton called for an audit of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood in 2001 and cut off funding to the organization after an investigation determined that state funds were indirectly being used to subsidize Planned Parenthood's abortion business. “State officials later ignored that determination and resumed funding, claiming that the funds only consisted of federal taxpayer dollars,” reported the ADF.

The lawsuit, filed with the state district court in Denver, says that public records and other research conclusively prove that officials have used state tax dollars to help prop up Planned Parenthood's abortion business in the state. Additionally, the suit contends that even federal tax dollars the state administers are off limits to the abortion provider.

According to the lawsuit, “since about January 15, 2009 to the present date, the Colorado Government Defendants and other Colorado government agencies have provided approximately $14 million in public funds to Defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood and thereby have, in violation of Colorado’s Abortion Funding Prohibition Amendment, directly or indirectly subsidized Planned Parenthood Services’ abortion operations.”

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