Maine GOP Members Resign Over RNC Rules Manipulation

By:  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Maine GOP Members Resign Over RNC Rules Manipulation

After being rejected by the RNC Rules Committee, seven members of the Maine GOP resigned, citing the RNC's decision to silence challenges to its hegemony.

It appears that the reports of playing nice between the Republican National Committee (RNC) and supporters of former Congressman Ron Paul are exaggerated.

Last week, Politico painted a rosy picture of the formerly rocky relationship:

The acrimony between the Republican establishment and Ron Paul supporters who took control of state parties in 2012 has begun to fade as a new period of détente — even cooperation — starts to shape their often-fraught relationship.

And both sides say the togetherness — a behind-the-scenes priority for Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus — could be an important key to GOP success in the midterms and perhaps 2016.


So national party brass are seeking cooperation, even friendship, in most of the states where libertarians made the deepest inroads. They’ve decided that it is easier to win with honey than the hardball tactics of the past.

RNC chief of staff Mike Shields said this is part of a broader strategy to strengthen the party from the bottom up with stronger outreach, better coordination and more field staff.

“Every state party is buying into what we’re doing,” he said. “When you’re working on a plan together, when you’re working on ways to target voters and turn them out … perhaps that bypasses some of the other conversations that have gone on in the past.”

Still smarting from last November’s thumping, both sides have matured and became savvier about working together. The loyalty of the Paul folks has shifted from father to son, and many believe they can be most helpful to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s likely 2016 presidential campaign if they have a seat at the table.

A seat at the table? Judging from their treatment by the GOP leadership at the 2012 national convention, the only seats the establishment will leave for Paul supporters (Rand or Ron) are those around the kiddie table, passing time while the “grown ups” arrange the party’s affairs.

In 2012, as the Republican National Committee Convention Rules Committee met in Tampa for the party’s quadrennial convention, Ben Ginsberg, at the time Mitt Romney's campaign lawyer, showed up and pressured members to accept radical changes to the party’s rules governing the binding of delegates and the way rules are to be revised in the future.

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