Senate Joint Resolution 19, which has been cosponsored by 43 senators, proposes an amendment to the Constitution “relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections.”
In an institution dominated by dictators and notorious for corruption and scandals, it takes a lot to stand out or attract worldwide condemnation and scrutiny from across the political spectrum.
Reports indicate that those in the Department of Veterans Affairs who blew the whistle on all the issues at VA hospitals are now experiencing retaliation.
Did the Defense Department pay Facebook to manipulate the emotions of users without their knowledge?
The president's determination to "go it alone" on immigration reform is at once unnerving and encouraging.
Even as the U.S. border is overrun with Third World children and their mothers thanks to Obama's executive order stopping the deporting of illegal immigrants, Obama plans to ease immigration restrictions more.
The latest nationwide public opinion data on Common Core represents another devastating blow to proponents of the national standards.
Timothy Murray claims that his primary opponent, Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) is dead and has been replaced by a robot.
U.S. media coverage of Red Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao’s fancy feast for New York City’s homeless, studiously ignored his ties to China’s Communist Party and the CCP’s adherence to Lenin’s strategic New Economic Policy (NEP).
The National Security Agency (NSA) is actively conducting wholesale surveillance of communication in nearly every country around the world, and a secret court has said it has the authority to do so.
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