It appears that our government is working hard for the citizens.
A report issued Tuesday reveals that the FBI conducts so much warrantless surveillance that it cannot keep track of it all.
Contrary to predictions by President Obama and others, ObamaCare has increased rather than decreased emergency room visits, a recent poll of ER doctors found.
There are many lessons for our current political situation to be learned from the colonial declarations of independence.
The global establishment is increasingly pushing the notion of what it calls a “cashless society” — a world in which all payments and transactions would be conducted electronically, creating a permanent record for governments to inspect and track at will.
A group of protesters staged a demonstration near a Border Patrol processing station in Murrieta, Riverside County, California, on July 1 that resulted in three buses carrying 140 illegal immigrants being carried to the station to turn back. 
Unfettered government and crony capitalism, not unfettered markets, are the cause of our current economic problems.
Despite its claims to have established a new caliphate, ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has little support from Islamic militants.
Russia's "Energetic Bear" cyber-terrorists have successfully infected much of America's power grid. 
Senate Joint Resolution 19, which has been cosponsored by 43 senators, proposes an amendment to the Constitution “relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections.”
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