Idaho may soon become the latest state to stand up to the Obama administration’s attempt to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.
In “Nothing Left: The long, slow surrender of American liberals,” a cover article in the March 2014 issue of Harper’s, University of Pennsylvania political science professor Adolph Reed, Jr. argues that the “dynamic left” in American politics and the “labor-left alliance” of an earlier era have mistakenly and increasingly moved toward the middle, moved from radical ideas for a new society to a “defensive stance” of tinkering with small ideas to incorporate into the existing and inequitable system.
The Kentucky state House of Representatives is considering a bill that would thwart the federal gun grab.
Political pundits were quick to discuss whether Republican David Jolly’s victory in a March 12 special election in Florida was an early indicator of a GOP takeover of the Senate in the November elections. 
Another wake-up call on America's fiscal problems, this time from a British think tank.
Prosecutors in Utah are currently working on a corruption investigation involving two U.S. senators.
The ubiquitous Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has discovered another community to harass over its local government's tradition of offering prayers before city meetings.
The FISA Court continues covering up the record of the federal government's unconstitutional collection of personal data.
Remember the pen President Obama promised to use if he needed a new law and couldn’t count on Congress to pass it? He’s using it.
The latest disclosure from the Edward Snowden files reveals that the NSA pretends to be Facebook in order to trap targets.
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